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Another WDW Death!


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  • Another WDW Death!

    Article published Jul 23, 2005
    Records: Man died after ride at Disney

    LAKE BUENA VISTA - A 30-year-old Indiana man who wore a pacemaker lost consciousness and later died at a hospital after going on the Dinosaur ride at Disney's Animal Kingdom in April, according to records released Friday by the state.

    Ryan Norman of Mooresville, Ind., complained that he wasn't feeling well and later died at a hospital, according to documents released from the Bureau of Fair Rides and Exhibitions and the Orange County Medical Examiner's Office. He was the second person to die after going on a Walt Disney World ride between April and June 2005.

    An investigative report indicated that the April 30 ride didn't play a role in Norman's death since he had a history of heart problems, said Sheri Blanton, senior program manager at the medical examiner's office.

    In a written statement Friday, Disney said, "We extend our sympathy to Ryan Norman's loved ones for their loss."

    A 4-year-old Pennsylvania boy, Daudi Bamuwamye, died June 13 after riding Epcot's "Mission: Space," which simulates a shuttle ride to Mars. The cause of the boy's death remains under investigation.

    A 16-year-old British girl remained in a hospital in critical condition Friday after suffering a stroke July 12 shortly after she exited the "The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror," which depicts a haunted hotel elevator ride.

    Earlier this year, A 77-year-old Minnesota woman, Gloria Land, died in February after riding the Magic Kingdom's "Pirates of the Caribbean." A medical examiner's report said Land was in poor health from diabetes and several ministrokes and her death "was not unexpected."

    Florida's major theme parks are not directly regulated by the state, but reached an agreement with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services in 2001 to report any serious injuries.

    What do think of this???
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    Re: Another WDW Death!

    I'm very sad to hear about these incidents, but with the exception of the Mission Space child they're all down to an existing complaint.
    (And I wouldn't be suprised if that tradegy was due to an undiagnosed condition)

    I think it's great these people were out and about enjoying WDW, and not wrapped in cotton wool because of what "could" happen.
    I hope I can still ride Pirates when I'm 77!
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    "I'm gettin' kind of fond of you, kid.
    Not that I want to pick out curtains or anything."


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      Re: Another WDW Death!

      This is sad, but does "pacemaker" and "history of heart disease" mean anything to anyone? The signs say that you should be free of heart problems. Why can't people just read the signs. In the M:S case, the kid may have had a preexisting problem, therefore making the signs useless. I do feel sorry for the man and his family, but this death could have been easily prevented by reading the signs.

      “You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.” - Walt Disney


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        Re: Another WDW Death!

        This might have happened to him if he was home sitting in his recliner. When your number is up...


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          Re: Another WDW Death!

          Originally posted by BigDaddyKyle
          An investigative report indicated that the April 30 ride didn't play a role in Norman's death since he had a history of heart problems, said Sheri Blanton, senior program manager at the medical examiner's office.
          I don't think much of this, really. The man died 3 months ago and it's just now hitting the news? The above paragraph from the article is enough to warrant this a non-news story.


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            Re: Another WDW Death!

            Originally posted by askmike1
            Why can't people just read the signs.
            My thoughts exactly (when could we last say that? ). Those signs are there for a reason. If more guests took the time to READ THE SIGNS... Things like this, while tragic, are preventable.


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              Re: Another WDW Death!

              And people still don't read the damn signs!

              I think these people think those warning signs Read Coca Cola or Kodak.

              Is sad that some one dies specially this way, but WTF is wrong with people these days?

              Too much Jerry Springer killing people's neurons.

              Similar thing happened this Sunday while I was at R&R coaster @ MGM.

              Some lady squeezed a child shorter than the 48 " to ride RR (don't know how she squeezed him thru the CM standing in front of the signs) but a CM noticed the situation and told the lady that the child would not ride because measurment requirements, the lady made a scene there, I had to yell at her (she was like 10 places in front of me near the boarding area) lady are you mongolic or retarded? Obviously your son is not able to ride this attraction, so stop being so retarded, and make us all in line a favor and leave, of course all in line clapped their hands and she left. Otherwise my wife and I would be forced to help the CM kick her rear end out of the ride. ( My wife and I are a little short fused when it comes to child security and irresponsible parents)
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