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Trip Planning: Help PLEASE!


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  • Trip Planning: Help PLEASE!

    Ok so i am planning a trip to the Walt Disney World Resort. I have my reservations from September 21st to the 26th at the Coronado Springs Resort. What i am asking is what other things must i do to plan for my trip to make it successful? Do i need to make reservations for The Magical Express? For Dinner? Breakfast? :beg:
    I love Disneyland and go there all the time but I am completely new to the Disney World Resort and ANY help/tips/ or just general advice would be awesome!
    Thanks in advance! )

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    Re: Trip Planning: Help PLEASE!

    I've done a few late September trips (my b-day is on the 22nd) and it's a great time to go. Me, I love to plan out everything, make all my dinner reservations, whatnot.

    Realistically, you really only need reservations for extremely popular events and restaurants. If, say, you want to eat inside Cinderella's Castle, do that now. But most places will be easy to get into.

    In terms of Magical Express, I have yet to try it (and won't this August). From what I've read, if you're arriving early morning and aren't concerned about having your baggage immediately, book it. If you are coming late at night, you might want to avoid it. (Side note: the requirement to let them control your luggage is ridiculous).

    Basic planning? Know what parks and attractions you're going to visit before you go, and on what days. Plan the best times to visit headliner attractions like Splash Mountain or Tower of Terror. For non-headliners you'll have little to no wait, but I suggest you know what and where things are if only to avoid standing around staring at your guidemap and debating with your friends/family.

    Hope this helps.
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      Re: Trip Planning: Help PLEASE!

      Originally posted by coasterfanatic
      What i am asking is what other things must i do to plan for my trip to make it successful? Do i need to make reservations for The Magical Express? For Dinner? Breakfast?
      First, you should make sure your room request was given to CRO.

      Cabana 9b is close to bus stop 1 and the main building with a short walk to the Dig Site over the wooden bridge. Most preferred location.

      Cabana 8a is close to the Dig Site and bus stop 4 with a short walk to the main building. Some rooms within steps of the Dig Site.

      Cabana 8b and 9a are inbetween the 2 above. cabana 9a has a quiet pool. cabana 9a also has smoking optional rooms so make sure you are clear as to what you will accept.

      Cabana rooms are mostly waterview rooms or non parking lot views.

      Rancho 7b has a quiet pool, is close to the Dig Site and bus stop 4 with a bit longer walk to the main building. 7b is behind cabana 8a. rancho 6b is also fairly close to the main pool area.

      Casita 4 is close to the gym, spa and has quiet pool. The casitas have great fountains and courtyards. casita 5 is close to the Dig Site with a good walk to the main building. The lower the casita number the closer towards the main building.

      Casitas 1 and 3 are the closest to the convention center and one has a covered walkway leading right to it.
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        Re: Trip Planning: Help PLEASE!

        CSR has the Pepper Market and the Maya Grill. THe Maya Grill has a great breakfast and lunch buffet. The Pepper Market is not an ordinary food court.

        The Pepper Market

        This is not your typical food court. Rather, there are several hot and cold food stations with individual chefs and servers. You can get breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert items at The Pepper Market. The following food stations can be found in The Pepper Market: Mexican Kitchen, Wok Kitchen, Soup, Salads, & Sandwiches, Grill Station, Pizza Kitchen, Pasta Kitchen, Children's Kitchen, Beverage Station, and Bakery Counter.

        Upon entering the Pepper Market you will be given one meal card/receipt per person. You must keep these cards. DO NOT LOSE your meal card. Once your host seats you they will ask if you need anything to drink and tell you where the beverage station, The Pepper Market hosts are NOT waiters. They are there to seat people and make sure their table has cutlery, napkins, etc... They will get drinks if you desire.

        What makes this food court/restaurant different is that you go around to the various stations and select food as desired. Once you make a choice the chef at each counter will stamp your card and serve give you your chosen food. Many of the items at the stations are cooked to order. There is flexibility in combining items. This is a great place for someone who only wants a light meal and the rest of their family wants a heavy one. For example: you can grab a side of Spanish rice from the Mexican station and order a steak from the grill station. The combinations are nearly endless. I love the variety and being able to pick and choose at leisure. If I feel like I want another roll in the middle of my meal all I have to do is get up and head to the bakery station with my meal card.

        The best thing is you do not pay until you see the cashier after your meal. While you have the card you can get up and retrieve food as often as you want without having to pay first. This is great since other food courts require you to carry money to each cashier every time you want something else. This is a wonderful option for someone that truly wants a casual meal. Alcohol is also available.

        Once you have finished dining, collect your menu cards and take them to the cashier. The cashier calculates the total due. There is a ten percent gratuity automatically added to all orders. To me this is well worth the variety, service and flexible meal options. If you are only going in for take out the ten percent will be waived. Just tell the cashier you are only there for take out. Don't forget to tell the cooks you are there for take out so they package your food properly. You can then take the food back to your room or eat at one of the tables outdoors. In the Pepper Market you also receive real cutlery and cloth napkins (Paper ones are available as well) I found the food at the Pepper Market to be of higher quality than your average food court. Portions tend to be larger as well. If you only want to get your mugs refilled ask the host of a refillable mug pass and go to the beverage station. Upon exiting hand the cashier the pass on the way out.

        Some people balk at paying a 10% gratuity. Personally the service and options are well worth a ten percent tip. I like that I can talk to the person preparing my food. If I don't want onions on my sandwich I can tell the cook directly instead of having to relay it through a cashier and then hope the chef got the message. No other Disney food court has as much variety. For someone like myself, who gets tired of typical burgers and sandwiches this food court was a blessing. I also found the portions to be larger than that of a typical Disney food court. This is also the only food court where one doesn't have to clean up after themselves. You simply leave your dishes and tray on your table when you exit and a clerk will clear the table. I found this restaurant to be one of the more relaxing ones at Disney. It was a nice change of pace from the endless lines at Theme Park restaurants
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          Re: Trip Planning: Help PLEASE!

          Hi ya! For Magical Express, you need to call and give them your flight information ahead of time, and then they will send you luggage tags to put on your checked baggage. From recent reports, the delay between you arriving at your room and your luggage has been cut down quite a bit, but I would still suggest that you bring a change of clothes and maybe your swimsuit in your carry on (but this is a good rule of thumb anyways even if your not using ME).

          lets see....other tips.... Remember that WDW is huge, so always allow enough travel time to get where you are going. WIth the buses, there is no set schedule, but the rule of thumb is that buses come about every 20mins during the day. At park close, dont run out the exit with everyone as there will be long lines at the bus stops.... take your time leaving the parks, soak up the night time enviroment, stroll though the shops, get some ice cream. The buses will run until the park is cleared out.

          Take advantage of the extra magic hours at night or especialy in the morning, you can get a whole lot done in that one hour. Although the parks shouldnt be too bad as school has just started, and no one would really take their kids outta school to go to the parks when school just started.

          ummmm.. what else.... come visit me, i'll be doing something down there in the fall on the College Program
          Thank You for dropping by my post. I do hope you enjoyed your stay....


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