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    Marriage Proposals
    Valentines Day is Almost Here, So Here is a Romantic Question:
    Since we all spend so much time at Disney World, I am sure we have seen it happen at least once... or maybe done it ourselves. Anybody have any Proposal stories?

    Here's Mine:
    We flew out from California to go on the Disney Cruise and visit WDW for a week to celebrate my birthday. Well I had planned an even bigger surprise. After many long Distance calls I arranged for the big event. After a crazy day in the parks we headed back to the Polynesian to get Dressed Up for Dinner at the California Grill atop the Contemporary. They were expecting our arrival and had a prime window side table with a great view of the Magic Kingdom for us. We enjoyed a wonderful meal and immediately after the fireworks our server (Who was an opening day Cast Member, at the Top of the World/California Grill since 1971!) appeared with a platter with a glass slipper holding a little Tiffany's bag. On the platter in Chocolate it said "Will you spend your life with me?" Well after a lot of happy tears and a big YES, we enjoyed our complimentary dessert and were congratulated by not only most of the staff at the restaurant but many of the guests! It truly was a magical once in a lifetime event!

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    I got engaged very simply and with far smaller crowds. I just picked a quiet moment near dusk at the Japanese gardens of the Japan pavilion. We both preferred something more low-key
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      I proposed to my Ex at WDW. We had gone over to spend a weekend for her birthday. I had driven over ahead of time and picked up one of those doll sets that has both the princess and her prince (she was a big fan of Cinderella). I had opened the box, made a few adjustments and was able to attach the open ring box inside, right between the 2 dolls. I wrapped this up, and this was her gift. We had a very magical rest of the evening after that.

      of course that's all ancient history at this point, but it is still a pretty good memory.


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        Well, mine wasn't at WDW, but at DL. The story is long and drawn out, so I'll give you the Reader's Digest version. We were celebrating the several year anniversary of our first date, and I gave her a bouquet with 3 different color roses in it, which matched 3 different colored gift bags. I told her one was for the past (which had gifts relating to things we've done in the past), one was for the present (gifts for what was going on currently) and one for the future (you know the drill). It was a mix of "nice" and "fun" gifts, but in each bag was one of the silver coins they sell at the park in the spiffy black velvet boxes. In the "future" bag, however, I had modified the coin box to fit a ring holder inside. Clever, no?

        Soooo... We do all our fun, during the day stuff, then we get cleaned up and head to DL. We have APs, so no big surprise to her there. We watch Fantasmic! from the balcony (a great thing to do, by the way), then head down towards Blue Bayou. I had made arrangements to go to Club 33, though, so I surpise her by having dinner there. After dinner we went out on one of the little balconies they have there, and I told her to open her last bag. When she got the coin box, she was, as I had planned, expecting another coin. She opened it, and there was her ring! I then did the gentelmanly thing, and got down on one knee and proposed. She said yes, cried a bit, and the rest, as they say, is history!

        It was a fantastic night, and I'm glad I was able to arrange it all. The stress of planning it was well worth it in the end! Just thought I'd share!
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          A few years ago we got a great deal on a 4 night Disney cruise. So good that my now wife's best friend and her family, my now sister and law and her kids, and now inlaws all booked rooms. We wound up with 8 rooms between us all. I contacted a friend at DCL's office in Celebration about an idea I had. I wanted to know how to go about having Pluto present my then girlfriend with a package (containing the ring). Long story short, due to liability, there was no way Pluto (or any other character could do what I had thought of). She tried to steer me towards having me come on stage and after being the "silly tourist pulled from the crowd" routine, take the mic and ask my girlfriend to marry me. I knew better. She does not in any way like the spot light, that is my role in life, not hers. I came up with a plan to put the ring under our pillow in the cabin before she got back to the room after a show. Well, it was all for naught, why? Well, as we packed our bags, she opened a pocket on my camera bag (which she has never done prior and has never done again) to put a pair of sunglasses away (thinking she was helping me) and she found the bag that contained the gift wrapped box holding the ring). I took the bag from her, let her tear off the gift wrapping, and then took he box into my hand, moved the coffe table out of the way and knelt down. She was in tears already as I asked her to marry me. We got married March 2001. Affter putting the ring on her finger we got in the car and drove to the Cape to get on the boat. We looked in to getting married at the WP, but it was way too restrictive for us.



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            I figure I probably won't get engaged at WDW, I probably won't get married at WDW... but I'm DEFINITELY going on my honeymoon to WDW!


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              Great stories. Mine is a little different because I didn't propose there. My girlfriend and I bought annual passes at the same time and the CM assumed we were married and put my last name on both passes. She couldn't get in because her ID didn't match the name on her pass so she had to get it changed. A year and a half later she had to get the last name on her pass changed to my last name because we were married. How do they know this stuff??? :confused:


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                My husband and I were in band in high school and we took our annual band trip.So our senior year we went to Disney and Universal. We had to do a parade in Disney and a concert in Universal. At the end of our parade, still in those ugly band uniforms, he got down on one knee. It was great. We had all our friends there and lots of people staring at us wondering what was going on. It was a total surprise. Then for our honeymoon two years later we stood in our spot and had someone take our picture. This time without the band uniforms, he he.



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