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Very Short TR - Epcot, Contemporary, Denise


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  • Very Short TR - Epcot, Contemporary, Denise

    Having been couped up in the house for 4 weeks I needed to get away. So I made some last minute plans at the local Best Western and off we went!

    Should you wish to see all the photos I took yesterday, please visit HERE.

    I apologize ahead of time it's very short, we really didn't do much but that was kind of the point. I always say it's better to have a short and sweet trip than no trip at all.

    Noticed on the way in they haven't changed the MGM signs yet.

    Pulled into Epcot and hopped aboard the tram, there wasn't many people at all.

    Got in line for SSE first as Phil hadn't experienced it yet. Being a Disney fan but nothing hardcore like the rest of us I like hearing his opinion on attractions because I know it will be non biased. He said he loved what they did with the first half, then he said they really dropped the ball on the second half, a few screens start breaking and you won't have an ending to the ride! I couldn't argue with that. LOL

    I love how they have the landscaping at the entrance, it's very pretty!

    Look! The happy couple. LOL

    When we exited I saw something that was new to me, so we stopped by to check our reflexes. It was a 3 part game, one part Simon Says, another part Dance Dance Revolution with your hands. LOL

    It also seems they stole the game that used to be in Innoventions and renamed it for the exit.

    Look Ma! I can reach the peddles! God help us all.

    Headed over to Mission:Space and waited in the Standby line for about 35 minutes, then my foot started to yell at me, then Phil started to yell at me, so we left. LOL

    Took some random shots on the way out..

    Ciao Epcot!

    Headed back to the hotel to complete check in, we got a great WDW view.

    SSE here.

    Contemporary and MK here.

    As I never had the Concourse Steakhouse before and Phil was craving some prime rib, I called and got some last minute reservations. So off to the Contemporary we went.

    That was when I met up with the wonderful Denise, we talked about what else, Mice Chat and all things Disney while she munched on some barley soup. Told her when I took her photo that it wouldn't be right not to include the camera.

    Then Christina stole my camera and snagged a photo of me. I like this picture, makes me look mischievous. LOL

    I almost forgot to mention that Christina lost her loose tooth! Here's a Before shot, I didn't take an After because well, that's just gross. LOL

    To end the evening we settled down for a nice steak while we watched monorail go by. The food was great, the company was awesome and while I didn't do much, I got to feed my Disney obsession a little bit anyway.

    Have a Magical Day!

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    Re: Very Short TR - Epcot, Contemporary, Denise

    Nice pics, Summer (maybe not the one of me - but that isn't your fault)!

    It was fun seeing you for a bit yesterday.

    The barley soup was very good, though your steak looked great also!

    Favorite TDL Typo:

    Originally posted by TDLFAN
    I think it will give more pipping pervs the reason needed to go parasailing
    on Bay Lake.


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      Re: Very Short TR - Epcot, Contemporary, Denise

      Cool! Thanks for the trip report! Was that the Best Western on Hotel Plaza Blvd? I stayed there years ago. I hope they're upgraded it a bit.


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        Re: Very Short TR - Epcot, Contemporary, Denise

        Originally posted by mikeland View Post
        Cool! Thanks for the trip report! Was that the Best Western on Hotel Plaza Blvd? I stayed there years ago. I hope they're upgraded it a bit.
        Yeah, they remodeled it and it's all new, it's very nice now. Although I don't think I got my money's worth but that's just me. LOL


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