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My Florida Trip Report ~ Part 2 ~ EPCOT


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  • My Florida Trip Report ~ Part 2 ~ EPCOT

    day two of our trip was probably my favorite out of all the days at walt disney world. we actually ended up going back 3 more times after this in the 2 weeks we were there.

    personally, i think it looks better without the wand.

    first stop was to go find nemo ... last time i was at EPCOT was in 2005 so it was my first time experiencing the nemo aspect of the attraction.

    i found a hidden mickey!!

    then it was off to ellen's energy adventure. i LOVE that ride!! after that, we did test track and headed over to world showcase.

    mexico's cool, the new 3 caballeros on the ride was awesome.

    the ride in norway was awesome!! we went on it twice

    china had really good food and a really evil gift shop. i was in that gift shop for a good hour just looking at the random stuff they have.

    germany was fun, i loved the little train they had outside. ben loved the beer

    italian food is the best food ever ... o wow. i loved the architecture of the buildings also.

    ya, we've been there before ... moving on ...

    japan was so evil ... we spent SO much money there!! the gift show was so awesome, and the drummers outside we really good. i wish we would have tried the food.

    morocco was cool, we didnt really do anything there. the shops were cool and i wish we would have tried their food.

    in france, this guy was so awesome. he was balancing on like 5 chairs. i wish i would have video tapped it cuz it was a pretty funny show.

    england has the BEST fish and chips!! and ben says good beer too we bought my mom and grandma some tea (cuz their english)

    canada was pretty. i love how they recreated the gardens. we wanted to eat at the resturaunt, but it was booked.

    i really wanted to see figment (cuz he was closed last time i was there) so we went on journey into imagination.

    then it was a long wait for illuminations ... but it was well worth it.

    after a long day ... it was time to go home ...

    bye EPCOT ...

    and here's the video :

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