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Sad loss for the Biergarten


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  • Sad loss for the Biergarten

    My mom was reading around the DISboards and found a very sad post.
    One of the band members collapsed and died onstage at the Biergarten on 1/31.
    My heart goes out to his family first and foremost, as his father passed away as well, just 3 hours later.

    We always go to the Biergarten while visiting, and we will miss seeing him.

    (I'm not sure if anyone else posted about this, as I couldn't find any posts on here. So sorry if this happens to be a repeat.)
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    Re: Sad loss for the Biergarten

    My wife and I both used to work at the Biergarten. We had heard something had happened with one of the musicians. I thought I would let you all know what I have found out. Unfortunatley, George Schnell has passed away. George was the bass and tuba player that used the name Sigfried. You might also remember his joke when playing the cowbells:
    "I have a weak back"
    "how long have you had it?"
    "About a week back"
    George was a great, nice guy. He was truly part of the Biergarten family and will be missed greatly. Our wishes go out to all of his family and friends.


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      Re: Sad loss for the Biergarten

      I haven't eaten at the Biergarten in about 10 years - but I do remember that line (I just also read he was there for 24 years). Reading elsewhere, it says he was a Julliard graduate.

      He was really young, too! Here are the obituaries:

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        Re: Sad loss for the Biergarten

        He and his father passes away on the same day. How terrible for these families!

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          Re: Sad loss for the Biergarten

          Wow, that is sad! Saw them play this past October and it was a really fun show...especially for the kids.

          Thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.


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            Re: Sad loss for the Biergarten

            Wow, how sad.

            I actually have a video of most of the Biergarten show, maybe I'll post it as a tribute to George. (If it's the same bass/tuba guy). I'll double check my video with the obit before I do anything.


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              Re: Sad loss for the Biergarten

              Oh my, how horrible to lose 2 family members within 3 hours.

              We were at the Biergarten for lunch just 2 days before, I do remember him.

              My thoughts and prayers are with the family.
              Next WDW trip coming up 10-5-10 to 10-15-10, Wilderness Lodge Villas. :yea:


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                Re: Sad loss for the Biergarten

                Terrible news. I vaguely recall him. I really enjoyed my time at the Biergarten.


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                  Re: Sad loss for the Biergarten

                  That is so freaky. Obviosly George would not allow himself to be upstaged.


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