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Magic Kingdom and Epcot Tours


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  • Magic Kingdom and Epcot Tours

    I have a question for all of you WDW vets out there. My sister, friend and I are heading to WDW in June for our fifth trip and we want to try something a little different. We are planning to do the Behind the Seeds tour, but we're wondering if anyone can tell us about personal experiences on any other tours. We're thinking about doing the Undiscovered Future World tour. Has anyone done that one? Any advice would be more than welcome. Thanks!!

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    Re: Magic Kingdom and Epcot Tours

    Hello there. :wave: Welcome to MiceChat. :cgrin:

    I haven't done either tour but I know some MiceChatter have and all have said great things. You can find information they've written by searching for the tours using the search feature. I also know that Allears tends to have information on those things as well.

    Enjoy your trip!


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      Re: Magic Kingdom and Epcot Tours

      Undiscovered Future World and Hidden Treasures of World Showcase tours at Epcot are both excellent.

      If you have an interest in the parks' history you'll enjoy them and see things you wouldn't as a regular guest in the park.

      I took the Future World tour in 2004. In addition to our guide's information about the park we got to visit the lounge areas of Spaceship Earth, The Living Seas (beautiful!), and a look at the now unused second floor at the Imagination pavilion. Yep, the rainbow tunnel is still there but the room is now a cast member break area and ImageWorks a storage area.

      We were also offered a front of the line ride on the then new Mission: Space but the five people in my tour opted out and instead we went to Test Track for our ride.

      You also get to go backstage and see areas behind the Universe of Energy, Test Track, and Canada. It was kinda cool to see how they fed water into the fake rocks of Canada's mountains and realize that a parking lot for employees is right behind it.

      OK... I don't sound like I'm selling it very well talking about a parking lot but I loved seeing how the public and private spaces all fit together.

      The behind the scenes Magic Kingdom tour was fairly wonderful as well. A great mix of in park and backstage.

      Someday I'll go on the Behind the Seeds tour, but I still think the Living with the Land boat ride is sufficient although it would be nice to take the tour and gain a deeper understanding of what the botanists working at the pavilion are actually working toward, if anything besides growing vegetables and fish for WDW restaurants.

      To answer your question generally you will enjoy whatever tour your choose based upon your interest. Even if you're well versed in Disney theme park trivia and history you'll still take something with you. I've been on a handful of WDW and Disneyland tours and have never felt that my money would have been better spent elsewhere.


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        Re: Magic Kingdom and Epcot Tours

        The Around the World on a Segway tour is pretty darn awesome. It's the only one I've done, but it takes you on tour of World Showcase before it opens while riding segways. You learn a lot of cool things about the countries and... you're on a segway.

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          Re: Magic Kingdom and Epcot Tours

          I agree about the Segway tours. I've done the Epcot and Fort Wilderness ones and have to say they were both REALLY fun. They're not that informative, but you get to ride Segways which is worth the price alone.

          The Behind the Seeds tour is fun, but doesn't tell you too much more than Living with the Land. The cool part is being able to walk through the greenhouses and talk to the scientists "one on one". You can ask all kinds of questions, taste some vegetables, learn how to do hydroponics at home, etc... Plus, that tour is relatively inexpensive, so it's definitely worth it.

          I did Keys to the Kingdom a LONG time ago as a kid when they used to take you in the Utilidors. I'm not sure they do that anymore, but that tour was wicked as a kid. We did some animation tours and photography tour too. But, I'm not sure those exist anymore.

          Bottom line - I've never been on a tour at WDW that wasn't awesome!


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            Re: Magic Kingdom and Epcot Tours

            I have to throw my vote in for the Segway tour at Epcot, I've done it twice and although the tour is pretty much the same its still a lot of fun.
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              Re: Magic Kingdom and Epcot Tours

              Thanks for the Info everyone. I knew I could count on you. I pretty sure we're going to do the Undiscovered Future World. My sister and I did the Walk in Walt's footsteps tour a couple years ago at Disneyland and loved it. I love the history behind the parks and all of those behind the scenes tidbits.


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