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Hurricanes, Stitch and Dining Reservations


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    Re: Hurricanes, Stitch and Dining Reservations

    As everyone has said, hurricanes rarely happen. However, if you're staying at the Disney resorts (which are built to last hurricane winds), they'll take care of you. As in, restaurants should still be open, kids will still have activities to attend (indoors, of course), and all of the staff who can't work at the parks will be filling in at the hotels, attending to guests' needs.

    As for rainy weather, ponchos will help, but you want to worry about your feet. Do you really want to walk around in soggy socks and shoes for the latter half of the day? I recommend some well-ventilated walking sandals, or bring extras.

    "Stitch" is just a bit of silliness. Kind of gross, yeah, but I wouldn't say it "lingers." As a matter of fact, I find it fairly forgettable.

    Oh, and I kind of doubt that the people making reservations will allow you to make more than one for a specific timeframe.

    Have a great time!
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      Re: Hurricanes, Stitch and Dining Reservations

      Have you all forgotten Hurricane Jeanne? The parks were closed and we spent the entire day in our rooms. This was what...2006?
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