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Is it better to use AM or PM EMH's?


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    Re: Is it better to use AM or PM EMH's?

    Originally posted by Moonliner View Post
    Ahh! I thought you were referring to content of the message itself and I was trying to figure out what movie "Party into the night" was from...


    thats certainly the best strategy....i never like to neglect my resort as it is a costly part of the vacation and i love hanging out in the room
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    Originally posted by TheRockr
    Space Junk once taught Peter Pan how to do Mick Jagger's famous strut.


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      Re: Is it better to use AM or PM EMH's?

      I have a 4 year old son (almost 5), but prefer to use the evening hours. He typically goes to bed at 9. Since we take our WDW trips in the off season we've never had to worry about lines with EMH. Also since we are in CA even ending a day at midnight is still like bed time to our son.


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        Re: Is it better to use AM or PM EMH's?

        My emh rules, which are more of the nature of guidelines. The decision to attend or not both morning and evening is highly dependent upon the situation and represents a best guess.

        1. If you don't want to read and remember a bunch of stinkin rules, then avoid emh parks entirely.
        Reason: Not knowing your particulars, you are more likely to be better off more often not going to emh parks.

        2. If you are staying off site, avoid emh parks entirely.
        Reason: You cannot take advantage of the emh, and the extra crowds they attract to the emh park will slow you down.

        3. If you do not have hoppers, you will want to avoid emh parks entirely most of the time:
        Reason: You cannot hop away from a bad crowd situation and you will give back much of the time saved by attending the emh if one arises.

        4. During slack periods, consider attending emh strongly even if you don't have hoppers.
        Reason: 1.5 times a very low number is still a low number. When crowds are minimal, the extra crowds the emh brings won't affect much. Hours are also shorter and you'll need the extra time.

        5. During very busy times, consider attending emh, especially morning.
        Reason: Is 130 degrees really worse than 125 in the desert with no water? It's going to be so crowded all over anyway. The more the merrier. The evening emh times for Mk will be quite late (sometimes ending as late as 4 or 5 am.) and Morning emh, though crowded, is still less crowded than the park will get mid day.

        6. If Disney throws an extra emh in while you're down there or two weeks to go before your trip, avoid that park entirely.
        Reason: Disney threw the surprise emh in because they're expecting unusual crowds in that park that day. Pick another day to go to that park.

        7. If there are emh's all over the place during your trip, just attend whatever day you otherwise would and attend that morning emh.
        Reason: There is no bandwagon effect if every day has an emh.

        8. If you do not plan to take advantage of the emh, then avoid the emh park.

        Morning emh rules
        9. If you plan to attend morning emh and directly transfer to another park right afterwards do not bother.
        Reason: You will lose 30-45 minutes in the transfer and arrive in the 2nd park after opening. Better to sleep in and just go to the other park.

        10 If you hop for the sake of hopping, plan to go nap at the hotel, or otherwise plan activities outside the park mid day, then this is the best use of morning emh.
        Reason: You were planning on transferring anyway, and you will be out of the emh park by mid day when it's at its fullest. So you get all the beneifts of attending morning emh and lose absolutely nothing in the process.

        11. In general, though Morning emh is only an hour, it is usually less crowded than is evening emh and the attractions all start from a zero wait condition. Also, imorning ones are more consistent as to starting time across all 4 parks.

        Evening emh.
        12. The later the emh in general, the less crowded it will be. However, it is also less likely you will want to get up for morning touring the next day. And there is no substitute for that first hour or two of morning touring.

        13. The more other parks are open during the evening emh, the less crowded it will be. This sometimes serves to negate rule 12 a bit.

        14. Though evening emh is 3 hours, it tends to be more crowded than is morning emh, and not all the attractions start from a zero wait condition. Park guests in a line by closing are allowed to cycle through. Also, it's less consistent as to time, and harder to plan for. During some weeks it can be as early as 5-8pm at AK and as late as 11am-1am at MK. During others it can be 8-11pm at AK and then be from 2am to 5 am at MK.