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Going to WDW next week, Need Help!


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  • Going to WDW next week, Need Help!

    I'm going to Walt Disney World next week, but I need some help. I'm leaving this Saturday, August 13 from Portland, OR and I'll arrive in Orlando at 7:10. I would like to get reservations for Disney's Magical Express, but I found out I need to make reservations 30 days in advance. There are 6 people in our group and one infant. We're going to stay at the Polynesian and we're getting 5 day park hopper tickets. What's really confusing is that we checkout Wednesday morning out of the Polynesian and check in at the Doubletree Guest Suites at Downtown Disney. Then on Saturday we checkout and go home. I need help knowing what parks to go to on what day and if anybody has some tips on how to get Magical Express reservations this late or how to get from the airport to our hotel I would apprecciate it.

    Monday- Which park should we go to?
    Tuesday- ?
    Wednesday- ?
    Thursday- ?

    Any suggestions? Thanks!

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    Re: Going to WDW next week, Need Help!

    I wish I could answer your questions about getting from the airport. But I don't know alot about that. But I see your from the Northwest, I grew up there and just moved down here 2 months ago. I have an annual pass, so I know quite a bit about the parks at least on the weekends. I would say avoid the park that has the extra hours becuase that park seems to be busy and maybe parkhop over just for the extra hours when there is not as many people. Don't know if you have been here before, but if you want help navigating the parks, let me know I could meet you on sunday at a park if you wanted. Let me know, sorry I couldn't be more helpful on the airport situation, I do know there are still mears buses that run to the parks but they charge. Might be your cheapest way though.


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      Re: Going to WDW next week, Need Help!

      Ok from the airport...

      U do need to usually make reservation for Magical Express 30 days a head of time...
      My suggestion would be to call them... and explain your situation...
      But also.. read reviews on the service... there have been poor reviews... alot actaully... with luggage service... meaning that it does not arrive.. "as fast" as they say it will...
      None the less... that service is "free" to resort guests...
      I would say call.. and explain that you just learned about this service... that you are willing to deal with your own luggage upon arriving at the airport, but would like the complimentry shuttle to your resort. This would actaully work out best as well... cause you would be arriving at your resort, with your luggage in hand.. instead of having to spend the day waiting for it.

      Back to the Airport...
      The resort you are spending your final days at... is not covered by Magical Express... so that makes it diffcult. There are car companies tho, that offer "resort-airport" rides... Such companies as Mears does offer these one way type deals... as well as to your hotel and back. They can be costly tho.. when dealing with a price per person... not vehicle.

      My suggestions for how to plan you days would be this...

      Poly... is a great resort... enjoy it! Summer is a busy time... and my best tip would be to go to the parks right at opening... and hit all the big attractions. Use the afternoon "peak crowd" times.. to go back to your resort and swim and rest. Therefore... on Monday and Tuesday... I would say go to MK and Epcot.. cause you can easily get back to the Poly by the monorail or boat. But since u have park hoppers.. u can do one park in the morning.. and another in the later hours of the day.
      For you "resort moving" day... i would leave it more as a "free day"... settle into your new resort... and the maybe head off to MGM or Epcot... both those parks are close to DTD...
      For AK... make sure u head there in the morning... boy does it get hot there in the afternoons...

      Over all have fun! RELAX... its a vacation! Just don't forget that... it is a VACATION!
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        Re: Going to WDW next week, Need Help!

        I never made Magic Express reservations. But I did choose Mears. When they realized that I was staying at at Magic Express hotel, they didn't charge me. I don't know if you will get the same treatment, but it worked out well for me.

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