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WDW Top Ten Lists


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  • WDW Top Ten Lists

    The title is pretty self-explanatory - the purpose of this thread is to post your top ten lists for WDW. I believe there has already been a thread like this, but it included any and all Disney resorts, but I want this thread to focus just on WDW. I'm actually working on a personal project that will use the data you guys provide, so I'd really appreciate it if you guys gave your answers. (I'll post my project as a new thread if I get enough response). Please limit your lists to rides and shows - not parades, fireworks, resorts, or the like. Also, #1 should be your absolute favorite (not #10), but you already knew that. Here's an example:

    10. Jungle Cruise
    9. Tomorrowland Transit Authority
    8. Pirates of the Carribean
    7. The Haunted Mansion
    6. Space Mountain
    5. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
    4. Dinosaur
    3. Expedition Everest
    2. Splash Mountain
    1. Kilimanjaro Safaris

    What are your top ten lists? I'd love to hear them!

    Thanks for your help on my project!

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    Re: WDW Top Ten Lists

    10. Test Track
    9.Kilimanjaro Safaris (The Old Narration)
    8.Tom Sawyer Island
    7.Wedway Peoplemover
    6.Expedition Everest
    5.Illuminations: Reflections of Earth
    3.Big Thunder Mountain
    2.Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
    1.Haunted Mansion

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      Re: WDW Top Ten Lists

      10. Lights Motors Action
      9. Dinosaur
      8a. Pirates
      8b. Haunted Mansion
      7. Splash Mountain
      6. Spaceship Earth
      5. Tower of Terror
      4. Star Tours
      3. Rock "n" Rollercoaster
      2. Everest
      1. Soarin'
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        Re: WDW Top Ten Lists

        In no particular order:

        PeopleMover (TTA my butt!)
        Haunted Mansion
        Pirates of the Caribbean
        Spaceship Earth
        The Seas with Nemo & Friends
        Test Track (though World of Motion was better)
        Star Tours (as dated as it is)
        Muppets 3-D (mainly for the pre-show... best one ever)
        Tower of Terror
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        • #5
          10) Mickey's Philharmagic
          9) Mission:SPACE
          8) Expedition Everest
          7) Festival of the Lion King
          6) Soarin'
          5) Splash Mountain
          4) Carousel of Progress
          3) TTA
          2) Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
          1) Finding Nemo- The Musical
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            Re: WDW Top Ten Lists

            10) Space Mountain
            9) Kilamanjaro Safari
            8) COP
            7) Muppet vision
            6) Haunted Mansion
            5) POTC
            4) Mission Space
            3) Soarin
            2) Star Tours
            1) Splash Mountain
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              Re: WDW Top Ten Lists

              10. Spaceship Earth
              9. Great Movie Ride
              8. Big Thunder Mountain
              7. Muppet Vision 3D
              6. Everest
              5. Star Tours
              4. Splash Mountain
              3. Space Mountain
              2. Grand Fiesta Tour
              1. Mickey's Philharmagic
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                Re: WDW Top Ten Lists

                Almost impossible

                10 Wedway People Mover
                9 Festival of the Lion King
                8 Splash Mountain
                7 Star Tours
                6 Test Track
                5 Everest
                4 Haunted Mansion
                3 Big Thunder
                2 POTC
                1 Kil Safari
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                  Re: WDW Top Ten Lists

                  10. Living with the Land
                  9. TTA
                  8. Muppets 3D
                  7. Space Mountain
                  6. Off Kilter (I hope that qualifies as a show)
                  5. Test Track
                  4. Dinosaur
                  3. Peter Pan
                  2. Pirates of the Caribbean
                  1. Haunted Mansion

                  I know it's not very imaginative...I love the classics!


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                    Re: WDW Top Ten Lists

                    10. Honey I Shrunk the Audience
                    9. Splash Mountain
                    8. Thunder Mountain
                    7. Winnie the Pooh
                    6. Carousel of Progress
                    5. Pirates
                    4. Jungle Cruise
                    3. Muppets 3D
                    2. Buzz Lightyear
                    1. Peter Pan


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                      Re: WDW Top Ten Lists

                      10. The smell
                      9. Fireworks
                      8. Lions, I like lions
                      7. The sounds
                      6. A fresh warm churro
                      5. Fastpass
                      4. The people (well most of them)
                      3. Test Track
                      2. That first walk down Main Street
                      1. The smiles on the kids faces (not just my own)

                      (Yeah, I know I did not follow the instructions of the OP. I'm just funny that way. Sorry)
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                        Re: WDW Top Ten Lists

                        Thanks for all the responses everyone! Isn't it hard to choose just ten?


                        • #13
                          Re: WDW Top Ten Lists

                          10. Tower of Terror
                          9. Haunted Mansion
                          8.Spaceship Earth
                          7.Splash Mountain
                          6.Space Mountain
                          4.Test Track
                          2.Off Kilter
                          1.British Invasion



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                            Re: WDW Top Ten Lists

                            Hard to keep it to ten:

                            1. Tower of Terror
                            2. Rock N' Rollercoaster
                            3. Kilamanjaro Safari
                            4. Fantasmic
                            5. Everest
                            6. Test Track
                            7. Soarin
                            8. Splash Mountain
                            9. Jungle Cruise
                            10. Illuminations
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                              Re: WDW Top Ten Lists

                              10>Nemo Que
                              8>World Showcase (love it all!)
                              5>Kilimanjaro Safaris
                              4>BTMRR at night
                              3>Splash Mountain
                              2>People Mover
                              1>Rock'n Rollercoaster
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