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For Those Wondering About A 4th of July Experience at the Magic Kingdom!


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  • For Those Wondering About A 4th of July Experience at the Magic Kingdom!

    This is for those wondering if they should attend Magic Kingdom's 4th of July fireworks.

    I did it last year and although I did not have any kids with me at the time, just adults, we had an amazing time inside the Magic Kingdom on the 4th of July. But trust me, there were plenty of kids all around, kids love the Magic Kingdom on the 4th of July. It's the older people who tend to go to Epcot or elsewhere due to irritation with crowds.

    Now I remember the Magic Kingdom reaching a point where they no longer allowing guests to enter the park, it was probably sometime between 5-7pm when this happened. We had gotten into the park around noon, had all morning to rest and relax and made sure we were inside the Magic Kingdom well before the cut off period. Remember, loads of families leave Magic Kingdom around noon unaware that they might not get back in later that same night. Some really BELIEVE they can get back in just before the fireworks. Not everyone understands that getting to the park early for is key to being inside for the 4th of July.

    The fireworks were scheduled at 9pm and so around 6/7pm we noticed people were already camping out in front of the castle, mostly around the Partners statue. But there were still areas to claim and so we claimed our spot to the right of the statue. We should have gotten in front but oh well. Also remember to not sit directly in front of the castle as the castle itself will be blocking your view of the fireworks. So stand either behind, in front or to the side of the Partners statue.

    As for people around us "reserving" spots which reallly isn't allowed, well I just told them that THAT wasn't allowed and we claimed our spots. We also knew something that many other amateurs didn't, that those people "reserving" spots for people in their party who were still exploring the parks had a huge chance of NOT finding their family members due to the heavy crowds around the hub before the fireworks started.

    I laughed quietly to myself when a woman nearby was trying to direct her husband and brother over the phone exactly where they were in the sea of people. Believe me it really is some form of park hell getting through the crowds less than an hour before the 9pm fireworks start time. So remember, 2 hours before the show, not really a problem navigating through the streets to find your spot.

    Once you have your spot picked out make sure you've already used the restroom, got drinks & food, your cameras ready and your blanket on the floor. Now you'll most likely be standing during the fireworks so the fun of lounging around, relaxing your aching feet is just good fun, especially when you've got family nearby to help pass the time.

    Call family members in other parts of the country from your cell, wish them all a happy 4th of july, entertain the kids with something you've bought at the gift shop [side note, buy them something in the gift shop and wrap it up and surprise them when you're all waiting], take photos of yourselves in your spot, the whole waiting game really becomes a bonding experience. The excitment around you really builds up, especially with all the eager kids dying to see the fireworks already.

    Then, the preshow announcements begin and everyone starts to stand up and get ready for the show... but then they sit back down because the show hasn't started yet. Now again I say it's important you get a spot somewhere near the Partners statue because the fireworks at different points in the show suddenly become a 360 experience. All around you! This BLOWS KIDS MINDS AWAY, even my own when it happened more than once.

    I also forgot to mention that when the sun starts to set the castle turns into a star castle with a bluish glow to it, changing from red to white to blue. When that happens, everyone around you goes "oohhh" and "ahhh" and everyone's cameras/camera phones come out for pictures. It's funny because the first color of the castle is blue... everyone snaps photos. Then the color changes and the whole camera wave of snapping begins again. It's funny watching everyone react to just a simlpe color change, the excitement is overwhelming at this point.

    Now once the fireworks is done and you've all made the happy agreement that coming to the Magic Kingdom was the best decision and seeing the happy faces on your kids is the topping of your night, well now it's time to escape but remember to let the crowds eat each other alive before you dive into it.

    Getting out of the hub right after the fireworks becomes a fun hell. But my advice, relax, look around your areas from your spot, see where the majority of people are going. I remember we tried to go through Tomorrowland's bridge soon after, maybe too soon, and it was CRAAAAZZZY getting from point A to point B. But we eventually made it. It was the strollers that were the evil foot bangers in the crowds.

    If you and your family are ready to go after the fireworks then focus on checking out Main Street and watch for openings to follow the exiting crowds. Or if you have some time to pass, stretch your legs, walk around near the starry castle and take some night pictures in front of the castle, who knows, maybe you and your wife will feel romantic and kiss under the starry castle.

    Usually after the 10pm mark the crowds are not as bad as they were when the fireworks ended. Now you can go to any land you want to see last minute attractions or head down main street and head back to your hotel.

    Overall it's an experience worth experiencing if you know how to do it right. Epcot is for grown ups vacation while Magic Kingdom just HAS to be experienced with a family featuring kids.

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    Re: For Those Wondering About A 4th of July Experience at the Magic Kingdom!

    Last year we arrived in WDW on the 4th. We didn't go to a park but we did got to MK the next morning and Fantasyland was pretty empty. I guess everyone else stayed up late the night before....

    It's kind of fun to do the impossible- Walt Disney


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      Re: For Those Wondering About A 4th of July Experience at the Magic Kingdom!

      I went there on the 4th two years ago and I would love to go back. I saw the MK fireworks from the beach at the Poly that night and then saw more fireworks at Pleasure Island.

      I had a great time.
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