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  • POP vs. POFQ

    I'm hoping to take my family for a trip to WDW in June...if I can convince my husband I'm kind of torn on where to stay. I don't want to stay in a deluxe, since I'm out to save money, and we hardly spend any time in the room. As long as I have a place to shower and sleep...I'm happy. Anyway, I'm torn between POP Century and Port Orleans French Quarter. I'm willing to pay the extra couple hundred bucks for the nicer resort, but I can't help but feel that POP may feel more Disney. And I'd really like to immerse myself in all Disney. I've never stayed at any Disney resort, so I'm new to them all. Like I said, our standards are not high. Would you say that POP feels more "Disney"? What are your thoughts? Thanks in advance for any input

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    Re: POP vs. POFQ

    I've stayed at both and honestly I like Pop Century better. But I'm a pop culture junkie.


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      Re: POP vs. POFQ

      I should add that the bus service is important as well as we will be traveling with a toddler


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        Re: POP vs. POFQ

        I have never stayed at either. However, I am about to stay at Pop Century next August. I have visited POFQ, and they have a great pool. The bus service was good at Port Orleans, we stayed at Port Orleans Riverside, which shares the bus with the French Quarter.

        The French Quarter is a more compact resort. It didn't appear that you would have to walk too far with that Toddler.

        Which ever resort you choose, you will have a great time. Staying on property is a real plus to a Disney vacation, in my opinion.


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          Re: POP vs. POFQ

          POFQ is smaller, so there is less walking around the resort in general. Also, the bus stop is the first stop before PO Riverside. I also think it feels more relaxing in terms of theme. The Food court is also a little better too in my opinion.

          I would say POFQ feels more Disney in the ultimate immersion of a theme. It really does feel like you're in New Orleans!
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            Re: POP vs. POFQ

            I stayed at Port Orleans French Quarter in December 07, and I must say it was my favorite resort to date. I personally loved the quaint and intimate atmosphere: not a lot of walking, a very realistic sense of immersion into the New Orleans theme, lots of hidden corners (check out the hot tub!), and not very crowded. Regarding transporation, our buses were always quick and I loved that we were the first stop back after a long day at the parks. Also, the food court was wonderful, great selection and the seating area had lots of charm.

            I haven't stayed at POP century to compare, but I at least wanted to share my thoughts on one of my favorite resorts to date.
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              Re: POP vs. POFQ

              French Quarter hands down. Pop Century has some large decorations but the French Quarter is actually a themed environment.


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