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Baby seats in taxis & buses etc...

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  • [Question] Baby seats in taxis & buses etc...

    We're off to Orlando in November - staying on I-Drive.

    We're taking our 3 month old with us & are wondering about baby seats in taxis & buses etc. Can the cab companies in Florida provide car seats on request if you pre-book your taxi? What about on the taxi ranks outside the various parks & in DTD - do they have seats available? If not, would we be better hiring a seat for the duration of our holiday or buying one from Walmart or somewhere? If we hired a seat, could we store it somewhere at the parks while we're there? I know you can hire lockers at the parks, but from recollection they're fairly small & certainly not large enough for a car seat.

    Any advice would be much appreciated.

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    Re: Baby seats in taxis & buses etc...

    I am not sure if the taxis can provide one. However as a parent for health reasons and peace of mind I would bring my own. I would look into getting a baby carrier that can also be used as a car seat, many of the carriers on the market can be strapped into a car using a seat belt.


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      Re: Baby seats in taxis & buses etc...

      Thanks. We've decided to buy a car seat when we get there to use in taxis, but don't know if there's anywhere to store it at the parks. We don't fancy carrying it around all day with us.