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Review of Coronado Springs.


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  • Review of Coronado Springs.

    First off,

    in coronado springs the checkin was easy and quick with extremely friendly people helping you find your way around and always willing to lend a hand.
    I also found that the placement of everything was extremely convinient, like how the food court, shops, checkin and bus stop were all in one place. This made our lives extremely easy.
    When we got to our room we found it extremely spacious and it was really well themed. The room was similar to all moderate resort rooms but had a feeling of colonial spain and ancient mexico which i really enjoyed.

    Although the resort is extremely spacious it was easy to get around. We were located building 6A near enough at the back of the resort, it only took us 10 mins from one end to the other and this was extremely convinient.

    The transport aswell was fantastic, we only waited at most 10 mins for a bus to take us to our destination. And when the queues got busy at the parks to come back they put 3-4 busses on to get everyone back.

    I found the food courts layout and design to be fantastic also. The way they do it is much better than the way caribbean beaches was. You get assigned a table, go get your food and people bring you drinks. And when your ready you go and pay. This way you are always guaranteed a table which i really liked.

    I didnt really do much of the recreation side of the coronado springs but they had lots to do like speedboats bikes etc, and from what i saw it looked very good. I cannot really rate it as i did no recreation.

    The main resteraunt, the maya grill was very nice although the menu was extremely limited compared to various other ones we've visited. They werent very auginised either, we waited 30 mins after our reservation to be seated and this wasn't enjoyable.

    So overall i give the Coronado Springs Resort 8/10
    I highly recomend it to anyone whos looking for a value for money resort.

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    Re: Review of Coronado Springs.

    I really liked it as well.

    I really enjoyed just walking around the grounds, sitting in a hammock, etc.

    My understanding is that because it's the convention center resort, the amenities are a step up from a typical moderate resort.
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      Re: Review of Coronado Springs.

      Glad you enjoyed your stay at CSR! Sounds like you had a fantastic trip!
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        Re: Review of Coronado Springs.

        I Just spent 8 days there last month and did have a few observations as well.

        The Good: CBR is a convention resort so you get a bit more for the money here.
        1. Love the queen size beds and flat screen TV's in a Moderate resort!
        2. Rooms are much brighter now and where for the most part quiet and larger than other moderates.
        3. The Pepper Market - Where else on property can you get a Steak for a quick service meal? Nowhere else!
        4. Theme and atmosphere especially at night is wonderful it's a beautiful resort overall.

        Bad and Ugly
        1. Room readiness - We checked in online, called a few days ahead of time and made notes on the reservation that we would be an early check in, typically we would be given a room right away or at least at normal check-in time. We finally got a room assigned to us at 6:30pm...
        2. The room was castas 1 and was nice except that it was also in the middle of a refurb, around 8am every morning the hammering began.
        3. The one thing you should not underestimate of Coronado springs is the Size of it, like its sister resort Caribbean beach if your in the wrong location it can be a long walk to a bus stop, restaurant or the main pool area, I think the impact is more with CSR since the main pool area is not located near the pepper market, main restaurant and other services.
        4. Bus service - Better than some resorts but my big complaint is most buses stop at bus stops 2-4 before stopping at the front bus stop. This is in lieu of an internal Bus, you figure it out quickly enough but with a resort that size an internal shuttle or tram would make a huge difference for guests. Also the main Bus stop is the most crowded with everyone getting out of breakfast and often the buses where full in the morning when they arrived there. Average wait time was around 25-35 minutes and on one occasion we waited 45 minutes for a bus then could not get on it when it arrived due to it being full already.

        All said I do like the resort for the value it offers, basically deluxe resort amenities but at a moderate resort price. The food at the pepermarket is much nicer than standard counter service offerings, the service of the wait staff who bring you drinks and refills is somewhat hit or miss, but overall it's a great value for those on the meal plan.

        Bad news is in 2010 they are raising the room rates so this will be more expensive than the other moderates so I have a hard time saying it's a better value for those folks who are pinching pennies but it's a great option for those who are looking for slightly larger beds and nicer room amenities but can't afford the jump to the Deluxe resorts.
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          Re: Review of Coronado Springs.

          We thought the rooms were great. The people were helpful and friendly. The pool areas were nice. We enjoyed walking around the lake. We weren't impressed with the food, but did like the area outside for eating. We don't take the bus, so can't comment on that.


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            Re: Review of Coronado Springs.

            The rate will increase $5.00 per night. Well worth it for the queen beds alone.
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