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I'm planning a trip to WDW, but I need help...


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  • I'm planning a trip to WDW, but I need help...

    I'm new to this so please help! (: So I've been a diehard Disney fan since I was born! I'm fourteen now and will be turning 15 next year in July and, since I'm hispanic and when a girl turns 15 its a big thing, I want to have my Quincenera at Walt Disney World! My dream is to be sung happy birthday at Walt Disney World with Mickey Mouse and friends by my side as I blow on my birthday cake. It's been a big dream of mine and I really want it to come true.
    I live in Southern California and I can easily go to Disneyland but I wanna go to WDW. For those Southern Californian's, if you went to WDW, how much were your plane tickets, hotel reservations, tickets, etc. How much did you spend it total?
    For hotels, it would be best to stay at a Value hotel, but which one is best from those from your experience? I want to stay in one of those since they are like the cheapest and in this economy, cheap is good! haha. Anyway, cheap plane tickets as well but nothing like Travelocity or anything like that. I don't trust them. Lol. Southwest airlines works, I've traveled with them before. How much would luggage cost too?
    For those of you reading, you are probably asking "How many people will be traveling?" because you would need to know to get exact or around the price. I'm in a family of five: mom, dad, sister, me, and brother. My brother is the only one who would require the 3-9 tickets. The rest of us are now priced as adults. For the dates, I would want to hop on a plane in the morning on July 12, 2010 and go back the 22. I'm also hoping that we would have enough cash to go to Universal Studios for two days. So it would be like 8 theme parks tickets. And if you're wondering, I do want the water park tickets as well. I want my trip and birthday to be amazing!!

    If you have visited WDW, how was you're experience? Did you like it? How much did you pay for hotel costs, food, souvenirs, etc? It would really help if you lived in Southern California, too, because I can relate. Haha. But I need help people! I have been saving money since my birthday this past July and I haven't opened it since (I swore to myself that I couldn't take out money no matter how much I needed it). I really want to go and any tips on saving money and getting the best deals would be great. My birthday is on July 13, btw, that's why I wanna arrive the 12 so I can wake up in Walt Disney World on my birthday(:


    P.S Feel free to ask questions if you have them. I will get back to you on that.

    P.S.S Oh! And I know I seem young, but my parents are considering this. To get this fabulous trip, I need prices--good and cheap prices!
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    Re: I'm planning a trip to WDW, but I need help...

    Guys, this isn't fair. Many of you have opened this and probably read it, but why aren't you writing back? I need help, please.


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      Re: I'm planning a trip to WDW, but I need help...

      I would wait until next year and see if they do the free dining or buy X days, get Y days free promo again.

      I would also suggest you guys go through a travel agent. They can get you deals, and if a better offer comes up, get you rebooked with that offer.

      Otherwise, go to the wdw site and book a package. You can get a hotel and tickets cheaper than doing them individually.

      Southwest, Virgin America, and other small airlines are usually cheaper. You just need to see what airlines fly from your airport to Orlando. Booking directly with the airlines usually saves a few dollars. Also, baggage fees vary by airline, so you would have to check each site.

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        Re: I'm planning a trip to WDW, but I need help...

        Hi Jocelynedisney! If you are talking about July 2010, then they are already booking. That doesn't mean that it is all booked up though, just in the process of booking. Now some of the resorts are popular and tend to book up before others. If you book your reservation, and a special is released, you can get it transferred to the special as long as your booking meets that specials requirements. NeverNeverland is right, when you use a travel agent, they will see to it that you get any available specials or discounts that may come out.

        From the value resorts, I like the Pop Century and the All-Star Movies personally. The All-Star Movies is wonderfully decorated with Disney characters. The Movies shares its bus service with the other 2 All-Star resorts, so it can get quite crowded. The Pop Century has its bus service all to itself so, it isn't quite as busy at the buses. Since there are 5 people in your family, you would have to get 2 resort rooms at a value resort. They will only sleep 4 + 1 child under 3 in a crib. The All-Star Music Resort does have Family Suites, but it is still cheaper to get 2 value resort rooms than the one Family Suite.
        Now, If you didn't want to get 2 rooms, I would suggest the Port Orleans Riverside Resort. It will sleep 5 people. They are the best priced for 5 people. And it will probably be cheaper than 2 value resort rooms.

        Southwest usually has good airfare prices. Also, they don't have any baggage fees or change fees. Good choice. Prices will depend on when you are flying and from what airport. Southwest is only booking flights right now through March 12th, 2010. July dates will open up later.

        Also, just like NeverNeverland said, You will usually get a better all around deal by buying a package than buying your tickets and room separately. By buying a package, you are able to buy the dining plan too. But, it all depends on what you and your family are wanting from your trip.
        __________________________________________________ _____________________________________________
        Let's narrow down what you want so far and choose the better priced resort..........

        2 Adults / 3 Children - ages (brother 3-9) (15 -you) (sister over 9)
        -Disney's Port Orleans Riverside Resort - standard view room

        July 12th - July 22nd, 2010 - 10 Nights
        8 Day Magic Your Way Base Tickets (no hop) plus Water Park Fun and More Option. (No dining plan)

        Approximately $3656.00
        If you add the park hopper...... +$277.00 more
        If you add the dining plan....... +$2009.50 more
        Dining plan $46.99 per night of stay, per adult ages 10 and up
        $12.99 per night of stay, per child ages 3-9

        You can take a look at Disney World's Website and get pricing right there. Walt Disney World Resort

        Then ask yourself, what you can live without to cut costs.

        Make yourself a budget with each category
        • Your Disney package......... by looking online
        • Airfare...........checking online when they open up dates
        • Meals/ menus online or buy dining plan.
        • Tips/ gratuities.....get prices from menus online, and approximate needed. 15% - 20%
        • Souvenirs........your choice per person.
        • Airport can find your airport online and their parking fees.
        Then make a plan for saving.......
        Sounds like you are doing that already! Good job!
        Julie Shepherd
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        Authorized Disney Vacation Planner
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          Re: I'm planning a trip to WDW, but I need help...

          You see, I'm afraid of booking next year because they might book all the rooms for the cheap hotels (if you would call them cheap). But then it would possibly would happen since my dad tells us that we have a money problem.
          That's basically all I can say besides thank you! You two have opened my eyes some more so now I am more aware at what I'm getting myself along with my family in to. Again thank you(:


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            Re: I'm planning a trip to WDW, but I need help...

            You're welcome! Hope all goes well for you and your family!
            Julie Shepherd
            Magical Travel
            Authorized Disney Vacation Planner
            [email protected]
            Toll Free: 1-800-883-1535 Ext. 37


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              Re: I'm planning a trip to WDW, but I need help...

              Try sites like Book it, Vbro and Hotwire. They often offer good discount packages or vacation (house) rentals by the owner. They might not be as close as you want but you might be able to save some cash that way It's worth a shot !

              Good Luck!!
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