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To Meal Plan Or not to Meal Plan...


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  • [Question] To Meal Plan Or not to Meal Plan...

    Hello WDW experts,

    Taking the family down to WDW for a week in January for the first time. We are staying at the All Star Music and were tinkering with the idea of buying a meal plan for our trip.

    Historically when travelling to Disneyland we rarely eat at the park because of the other options available in the vicinity, but as I understand WDW is a city in itself, I wonder if it would be more convenient to do one of the meal plans.

    Does anyone have any experiences with not taking the meal plan and just paying out of pocket? Is it more expensive? Are there other options close by?

    Thanks for any advice that you can provide.
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    Originally posted by VintageMouse;n8463446

    You know best :-)

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