As many people today gripe and curse at the sights of Christmas-before Thanksgiving (admittedly, Disney's on the same boat here), I'm taking the Christmas creep to a new level - by writing about turismos! What are turismos, you ask? That's the nickname of the numerous herds of South American teens celebrating their big one-fivers in Orlando in either matching knapsacks, shirts, or both, and I called them so because of their names including that term. What those groups have in common are - you guessed it - adult guides with flags! We Central Florida visitors have to come to terms each and every December through March and June through August, respectively coinciding with the groups' summer and winter holidays, with the chanting, spot-stealing, and line-cutting. A lot of us are really familiar with the Brazilian tour groups, but it's also the Argentines who we should be aware of!

As a Hubber (a HubPage author), I decided to do a Hub about the turismos, since their season starts next month. Feel free to discuss my Hub on the matter, or to comment on the Hub at the actual article - it's a very useful one if you are traveling during the ripe seasons of turismos!

Turismos: Tour Groups of Central Florida