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  • [Pictures] Disney's All-Star Resorts - Pictures

    My picture threads consist of images I have taken that focus on the architecture, landscape architecture, planning, design, and theming of the facilities highlighted. They may also contain short descriptions and commentary, but will not focus on construction progress or special events or memorabilia or food selections or my traveling companions. Hopefully these threads are a good introduction for those who have not seen these places yet. All killer, no filler!

    Disney's All-Star Resorts photographed in November 2008:
    Three resorts focusing on popular culture adjoin each other in one area of the Disney property. Each is composed of a central check-in and amenity building that is identical to the other two in layout, and each is composed of 10 low rise three-winged hotel buildings that are all identical in layout to the others. These hotel buildings come in matched-theme pairs, 5 pairs per resort. The three resorts each have different layouts of these standard components, and feature different themes and unique pool areas. All feature fun oversized iconic elements that decorate their facades and create a bright and brash abstract environment. I will feature the three from North to South:

    All-Star Sports Resort Stadium Hall:

    All-Star Sports Resort Surf's Up! Buildings:
    These two hotel buildings face each other across the Surfboard Bay Pool.

    All-Star Sports Resort Hoops Hotel Buildings:

    All-Star Sports Resort Center Court Buildings:

    All-Star Sports Resort Touchdown! Buildings:

    All-Star Sports Resort Homerun Hotel Buildings:
    These two hotel buildings face each other across the Grand Slam Pool.

    All-Star Music Resort Melody Hall:

    All-Star Music Resort Calypso Buildings:
    These two buildings face each other across the Calypso Pool.

    All-Star Music Resort Jazz Inn Buildings:
    These two buildings are near the Piano Pool.

    All-Star Music Resort Rock Inn Buildings:

    All-Star Music Resort Country Fair Buildings:

    All-Star Movies Resort Cinema Hall:

    All-Star Movies Resort Fantasia Buildings:
    These two buildings face each other across the Fantasia Pool.

    All-Star Movies Resort Toy Story Buildings:

    All-Star Movies Resort Love Bug Buildings:

    All-Star Movies Resort 101 Dalmatians Buildings:

    All-Star Movies Resort Mighty Ducks Buildings:
    These two buildings face each other across the Duck Pond Pool.

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    Re: Disney's All-Star Resorts - Pictures

    Nice pictures.

    We stayed at the Music and MOvies resorts on our last trip. We weren't impressed. The sports looks nice from your pictures. But, I think we'll stick with POP.


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      Re: Disney's All-Star Resorts - Pictures

      Awesome looking resorts, good pictures!


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        Re: Disney's All-Star Resorts - Pictures

        Nice pictures ... I've stayed at all of those resorts. I never get tired of the oversize icons and characters. I always thought Disney did a good job on the All Star Resorts ... Taking a typical motel design and making it Disney.


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