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Heading to Port Orleans Riverside, what to expect?


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  • Heading to Port Orleans Riverside, what to expect?

    So my wife and I are making a trip down to Orlando this weekend. While we're not going to the parks we needed a hotel in Orlando. I found the Port Orleans Riverside resort for about 95 dollars a night which seemed like a great deal so I jumped on it.

    I've stayed at Disney resorts before but they've always been the value resorts. What is the major difference I'll see between the values I'm used to (Pop Century and All Star Sports) and this resort? I can already see that it looks far more beautiful, but other than the looks of the resort, what differences are there?

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    Re: Heading to Port Orleans Riverside, what to expect?

    better beds, a little bigger room...
    Good morning, son
    In twenty years from now
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      Re: Heading to Port Orleans Riverside, what to expect?

      So we're back and I enjoyed staying here. The rooms themselves weren't that much better than the values (although the beds were much nicer and I enjoyed the ceiling fans), but there was nothing in them that blew me away, and I still had to dealing with the annoying cheerleaders late in the night. This was a surprise to me as I thought they were all cordoned off at the values. There's nothing more annoying than being in a nice relaxing environment that Disney has created here just to hear cheerleaders cheering their stupid cheers non-stop and their idiot parents egging them on.

      That said, the resort was great although we didn't have as much time to check it all out as I'd like. I definitely would like to go back on a longer stay. My son has never been excited about the buses, but he absolutely loved the boat to dtd. This is the way to travel in Disney, its much more magical than a bus. The fishing hole was a nice touch although it was closed when I had a chance to check it out. And the marina area is really nice.

      One day we'll go back and stay for a longer time and make at least one day a day of just enjoying that resort. We'll take a boat of our own out for a while, we'll go fishing, maybe take a carriage ride.


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        Re: Heading to Port Orleans Riverside, what to expect?


        I am just starting to work on planning our first WDW trip and I would really like to stay at this on earth did you find it for $95 a night???

        Thank you,



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