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First Disney World Trip


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  • [Question] First Disney World Trip

    So I might be taking my First Walt Disney World Trip this summer and I had some questions!

    1. I need a discount on hotels such as Marriot, Hilton, etc. Help?
    2. I have been to Disneyland and DCA 50+ times. Anything I need to know?
    3. Anything would help!

    Thank you Solitary!

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    Re: First Disney World Trip

    Some basics ....

    1. WDW is big and areas between parks and hotels are not walkable.

    2. Because of the size, of each individual park, I would recommend having a bit of a touring plan. Know a bit about what there is and what you want to see and a general strategy. No need to get nuts with it though. Hopping between lands is much more walking at WDW than at DL.

    3. Same is true for parkhopping. DL to DCA is so easy. Depending on the crowds, and your mode of transportation parkhopping can take up a bit of time.

    4. There are many more and different dining options at WDW than DL. Walk up dining can be difficult to get. If you want to dine at a specific sit down location, I recommend making reservation ASAP.

    5. Unless you really like shopping or have some time to kill, skip Downtown Disney. Most of the disney merch located here can be found in the park and I think DL has better merch anyway. THough I do like the christmas shop and pin store at DD.

    6. Many areas in the parks, especially Epcot and AK, are about enjoying the theme and surroundings rather than rushing to the next ride. Slow down and enjoy these areas.

    7. Some stuff will be the same. Some will be different. Part of the fun is comparing the differences, but don't let iit get in the way too much.

    8. When staying off property, be sure to factor in parking cost or hotel shuttle fees into your budget.

    Off the top of my head, that' s it to start. If you have specific Q's feel free to ask.
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      Re: First Disney World Trip

      I grew up in CA, so DL was my stomping ground, and still go a couple of times each year. I've been to all the Parks around the globe, and WDW is the largest by far. I go about every two years and it's an adventure. Everything is big there. The place is huge. I always stay off property-mostly I stay at the Courtyard Lake Buena Vista and take cabs to and from the Park. Very easy to get. They cost about 25 dollars each way (as I'm remembering)-however you want to make sure you get the yellow cabs cause they can drive directly to the front gates without having to pay a parking fee-the other cab companies have to pay the parking fee before going thru. The Courtyard is about 99 a night-and unfortunately I don't have any special discounts for any hotel chains. (I did the math one stay for cab vs car, and I saved about twenty bucks by not renting a car-but even if it had cost more I find it's worth it not to deal with parking and directions).

      Go early, that way you get a lot of rides in before noon, and then you can just relax and take it all in, and still feel like you got something accomplished. I find it's always crowded there. I'm there about 15 mins before the Park opens and I pick a Park that isn't having Magic hours in the am, cause then there's less people in the Park already.

      I suggest you do an advanced search and type in your topic and search under the WDW folder and you'll find a lot of threads about a lot of things to do and see on your first trip there.

      If you can hold out till Sept/Oct for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party I reco that. Halloween at the Parks is my favorite time of year.

      But whenever you go, you will have fun...just remember it gets hot down there in Summer. Have fun. And any specific questions, just ask.

      And like Flotsam_Mike said, it's not all that easy to Park Hop. I mean it is, but it's not like at DL where I can leave, and go ride Toy Story and then come back to see the's more of an effort there. You gotta wait for the bus, and then get on that, etc. However it is fairly easy because of the Monorail to go between Epcot and the MK.


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        Re: First Disney World Trip

        I suggest using the search feature to find WDW for disneyland vets- it was very helpful to me! I also recommend The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World —, and the disneyworld website.

        I personally loved staying on property- there's nothing else like it. Disneyworld is so much different from DL...there is so much to do, and so much good food to eat. I hate eating at disneyland now because I keep comparing it to disneyworld. You have to make dining reservations if you want to eat at a table service, but disney makes that easy through their online reservations.

        Be prepared to be weirded out by the magic kingdom, it's like the twilight zone. Also, downtown disney has so great restaurants, so make a trip there. I also looooooved the waterparks, they we so much fun. At typhoon lagoon you can swim with sharks!

        Hope that helps, and you can PM me with any questions you have!
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          Re: First Disney World Trip

          I knew there was a thread for this already, but couldn't find it when I posted. Check this out.


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            Re: First Disney World Trip

            Originally posted by GUYNYC View Post
            However it is fairly easy because of the Monorail to go between Epcot and the MK.
            Even doing that there is another step. You have to get off the monorail from epcot at the transportation center and get on another monorail or boat to get to MK. WDW is huge. I did a tour recently and they indicated that DL and DCA fit into the parking lot for MK. The Quick service dining plan is ok if all you want is burgers or chicken fingers. Go with the regular dining plan and you will definately enjoy some quality food at quality places. I dont know about discount hotels nearby because we are spoiled being DVC members. We paid an arm and a leg the first time we went down and then joined DVC and could not be happier.
            Get to the parks when they open and fast pass one ride and do another then repeat that until it gets too busy. Get a spot for the fireworks and parades 1-2 hours prior if you want the ideal spot. Have fun the placeis awesome.


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              Re: First Disney World Trip

              Originally posted by flotsam_mike View Post
              I knew there was a thread for this already, but couldn't find it when I posted. Check this out.


              I agree with flotsam_mike on reading the thread. It has some great advice. Pay close attention to number 11.

              11. How Many Days Do You Need at WDW?

              Whereas DLR can be thoroughly experienced in 4-5 days, even with 10 days at WDW you will not come close to experiencing everything there. To get a fairly good experience of the four parks you will need 2 days at each of MK and Epcot, and 1 day each at AK and MGM. Thus six days would be a reasonable minimum number of days to plan for WDW. The maximum days depends on your budget and available time. Obviously the more days, the better.

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