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How do crowds compare mid October to early November?


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  • How do crowds compare mid October to early November?


    My last trip to WDW was back four years ago and ran from November 1 to November 8. We found it was a great time crowd-wise, with the exception of EPCOT which was pretty busy (likely due to Food & Wine). The nice thing is that there were almost no ride refurbs as everything was about ready to go for the Winter Holiday crowds. The odd thing was that you saw Christmas decorations in a partial state as Halloween was moved out and Christmas moved in--plus it just felt reallllly early for Christmas.

    This year we are thinking of going in October....but now I'm starting to worry about the crowds. Can anyone tell me how they might compare?

    I'm sure the Mickey parties bring in big crowds to MK on the specific dates of the parties, but are the parks as a whole extra-crowded in that month? Between these and Food and Wine, I worry it will not be the somewhat-light crowd we were hoping for. We're thinking of going perhaps the second week of October, but are flexible at this point.



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    Re: How do crowds compare mid October to early November?

    Well, EPCOT will be busier than normal due to the Food & Wine Festival (the weekends even moreso as that's when the locals come out).

    MK has the hard ticket Halloween party. Guests for that can start entering the park at 4pm, so from 4pm until the park closes for the party (I think at 7pm) will be busier than normal for those few hours.

    And.... that's all I got.


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      Re: How do crowds compare mid October to early November?

      Might I suggest :

      A great group of people, the hotel you were leaning towards, a great price, and a time you're thinking of.

      My wife and I are heading there Columbus Day weekend, which I expect to be busy (I'm a teacher so the extra day is one of the main reasons we're heading then.) If we hadn't booked, we definitely would have been with this great group of people!
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        Re: How do crowds compare mid October to early November?

        Thanks for the replies, folks. I am definitely going to check out the Mice Chat trip--although that might be a little much for my second half

        I found a cool crowd calendar type thing at that shows all of October not being too now it's up to setting the specific dates and details.

        Thanks again!



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          Re: How do crowds compare mid October to early November?

          best thing about the MC trip is that is very... flowy. There will be a meet every day or so. You are welcome to attend any or all, the hang out with the group all day, part of a day, or just stop and say hi. There's no obligation or pressure So you can build in plenty of alone time or downtime for your SO while also hanging out w/the group a bit
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