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Bus/Hotel Questions


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  • [Question] Bus/Hotel Questions

    I'm currently planning a week long trip the second week of Nov to WDW. But I want to try something different--staying on property. But I have some concerns and questions.

    I have always stayed at the Courtyard or Holiday Inn Express on Palm in the Lake Buena Vista area. I usually cab to and from the Parks. It's worked out well in the past, unless those few times that I don't get the yellow taxi and have to pay for parking.

    My questions
    1. I love to be at the Parks before opening. Do the buses run early enough to allow me to be there about 1/2 hr before opening? I know they begin 1 hour before Park opening, but what do they do when there are Magic Hours?

    2. Buses--how do they work? Which hotels have the better service?

    3. I'm thinking that the Port Orleans is most likely my first choice, based off of the posts I've read--but what would be a good second choice? I'm mostly about location and ease of getting to the Parks but within the Moderate/Value range.

    4. And finally, I will do a day at IOA. Will I be able to get a taxi at the Disney properties to go offsite?

    Thanks so much for your help on this. It's so overwhelming.
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    Re: Bus/Hotel Questions

    1. Yup, an hour before. With EMH, it is either 1 hour or 1/2 hour - I think it might depend on the season. Not quite sure.

    2. No hotels have better service - it is pretty much a crap shoot. The All Stars all share a bus (except at peak) so that might be a bit more crowded and more of a wait. At peak times they'll all most likely have a wait. I take alternate transportation as much as possible.

    3. Both Port Orleans are great - French Quarter I have stayed in and loved. Riverside is next door, so there are your two choices The bad thing is the only alternative transportation they have is the boat to DTD. Nothing to go to the park (other than the busses I mean).

    4. You can get a taxi from your hotel. There will probably be some hanging out in the parking lot But if not, one can get called.

    HTH, enjoy your trip!
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      Re: Bus/Hotel Questions

      I just got back and never saw the All Stars sharing buses. We never waited for a bus more than 10 minutes. And the buses start running before 7 every morning. They take those with early breakfasts in the parks and they always start at 8.
      Call Mears to get to USO. You can arrange a time to be picked up and call to come back. We prearranged our pickup time and they were on time on both ends.


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        Re: Bus/Hotel Questions

        I love doing the Early Mornings for all four theme parks. I have stayed at POR and it is a great resort. Yes, the buses will definitely get you there early enough. Sometimes, when I do an early morning, I combine it with a late breakfast either at the themepark I am at, or a nearby location. For instance, I have done an early morning at Magic Kingdom, and then taken the monorail over to the Polynesian for breakfast. At Animal Kingdom, I have eaten a late breakfast at Rainforest Cafe.


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          Re: Bus/Hotel Questions

          Is there a shuttle boat service between Riverside and French Quarter?


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            Re: Bus/Hotel Questions

            Originally posted by HiddenMickey87 View Post
            Is there a shuttle boat service between Riverside and French Quarter?
            Yes. The Sassgoula (I know I spelled that wrong) River water taxi thingy. It starts at Riverside, makes a stop at French Quarter, then takes you to Downtown Disney. And it's free. The water taxis run until 10 or 11pm.


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