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An Australian in WDW ---- Alone ------ Help!!!

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  • An Australian in WDW ---- Alone ------ Help!!!

    Hi guys,

    Im heading to the US for the second time in August and am planning my pre and post Contiki Tour Adventures (25Nights across the Northern States and Canada from New York to Los Angeles) I want to go to Walt Disney World badly and have a few questions regarding going alone and time frames etc before i start to set this in stone...

    1/ Im staying on property, and am trying to decide between the Animal Kingdom Lodge and the Wilderness Lodge... Ive read online that for a first visit, views aren't going to mean much, but as far as transportation to parks and general atmosphere for a 'loner' which would be better?

    2/ Besides cost and the Monorail, what do the Monorail resorts offer that Animal Kingdom Lodge and Wilderness do not, is the Polynesian nice? It looks a little old and sad??

    3/ As im going alone, how many days tops would I need to see everything? I was thinking Seven Nights would get me by, but will I run out of stuff to do and get bored?? Is less better, or will I miss a fair bit in the parks by only going seven??

    4/ Im considering the Disney Deluxe Dining Package, are these add ons worth the price?

    5/ I was going to spend two nights at the Hard Rock Hotel at Universal and see IOA and US then, would I be better traveling there from a Disney resort? How does that work? Are there shuttles from the Disney Hotels? These two nights are on top of the Disney nights, so nine nights all up in Orlando?? Im concerned that its too many??

    6/ When the theme parks are closed, what is there to do at night? How long does the Disney Transport operate for throughout the resort??

    7/ My planned travel dates in Orlando were from Sunday August 21st to Tuesday the 30th, will things like Fantasmic, Illuminations, Nightly Fireworks and the MS Electrical Parade be likely to operate then??

    Thanks so much in Advance for any help you can give..

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    Re: An Australian in WDW ---- Alone ------ Help!!!

    1) Wilderness Lodge, as it's closer to more parks than AKL. Gorgeous property too.

    3) seven should be good. Don't forget that there are hotels to explore and you'll want to ride rides and see shows more than once.

    4) well it depends on how much you can eat and you have to price out what you are going to buy.

    5) you would need to take a cab, there are no shuttles. I would not take any days out of WDW time, and 2 days should be plenty at ioa/us. One day will probably be ok, if you stay at Hard Rock to get early entry into Harry Potter.

    6) there are extra magic hours, so at least one park a day will be open until at least midnight. (something like that) So a theme park is an option. transport operates unitl an hour after that park's closing. There really isn't a lot to do late, downtown Disney has stores and stuff open late but the nightclubs are gone. i think some things on the Boardwalk are open, they have dueling piano bar that I hear is great.

    7) Yes, they will still be operating on the summer schedule. Fantasmic is only shown 2 nights a week anyway.

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      Re: An Australian in WDW ---- Alone ------ Help!!!

      Thanks so much for the help... I cannot wait to come back to the states again!!!