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Planning for a group of 20!


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  • Planning for a group of 20!

    Hello All,

    Been lurking around for a few years and finally decided to leave another discussion board and start using MiceChat instead!

    So, we are planning on a big WDW trip in July 2015 (I know, I know) with some friends. We will have 20 people in our group total. Any suggestions on how we can survive the trip with that many people?

    Many of the families going have been before. My wife and I were last there about 5 years ago but we will have two kids who have not been.

    Thank you in advance!
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    Re: Planning for a group of 20!

    WOW, that's far off lol talk about planning ahead :wink:

    My family had walkies that we used (we had a group of 17, one family ALOT of people) we stayed at the Old Key West and got the apartment, two people myself and the NOW brother in law, used the couch bed because well sleeping adult males and females (even family) when unwed is a big no no, I think I was 14 at the time so this was quite a few years ago...

    But we would do rides that pretty much everybody enjoyed, we would just agree on a park per day, we just democratically ate where people wanted to eat (there was NO dining plan then so we just winged it) if people wanted to do other things we made sure that they had a radio so that we could keep in touch and set a meeting point afterwords...

    Whats the age disparity youngest to oldest and is this a younger crowd or an older crowd...that kind of info tends to help out a whole lot as well...
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      Re: Planning for a group of 20!

      Hook up with the Grand Gathering line - We did a family reunion there a few years ago and I did all the planning for 18 people - the grand gathering people can be extremely helpful. They will help you remember things you didn't even think of -

      Stay on property - it leaves less hassle with worrying about transportation - everybody is covered regardless of their situation and anybody who drives will have their parking covered anywhere on the resort.

      Before you make the reservation for that many people, gather the following information:
      Name, address and age of EVERY person and have them listed by their individual groups. Trust me on this, it's easier if you do the organization up front. They will give you one large reservation/confirmation number and then have the different "subsets" beneath that - so any one smaller group can check in on their own without the person who makes the reservation.

      Don't try to arrange too many table service dinners for everybody - pick one or two - particularly if the kids are all different ages. We did one character lunch at Crystal Palace and it was great. I had T-shirts printed for that day (which Disney will also do for you BTW) and after lunch we all walked over to the castle for a huge group shot in front of the castle. Have those things put on Photopass so that everybody can access them on-line and have prints done when they get home. We ended up with one large group shot at each park, which was fun.

      People are going to want to go in different directions - so don't stress out about it. We set a few times that everybody attended together, like Wishes, or Illuminations. We tried to do a couple of things together, like the safari at Animal Kingdom, or some of the bigger rides at MK (Haunted Mansion or Pirates, for example)

      I don't think you're going to be able to make the hotel reservations this far in advance - they don't know what prices are going to be yet - also - the Art of Animation resort should be fully functional by then - but give them a call and see what they can do for you.

      There are a number of events that are set up just for large groups so ask them when you call for reservations.

      As you get closer to the actual time, you can update the reservation with flights/times for ground transportation. Also- I did a monthly newsletter on-line for everybody so they could be kept up with what was going on. I recommend getting everybody a tour guide and that way they can see ahead of time what will work best for them.

      Have a great time.


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        Re: Planning for a group of 20!

        Thank you ORD84 and celticdar. I would have responded earlier but I didn't have my preferences to send me an email set up.

        We are all really excited. WE realized that we are going to only do one or two sit down dinners together. It looks like we all way to go to the Sci Fi Diner so that will be our must do. Most of the rest of the meals will be family meals or smaller group meals. We will be calling the Magical Gatherings people to see if they can help. We will probably all stay at a Value resort. Most likely we will be at the Animation Resort but we are going to go for the place that is cheapest.

        Thank you!


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