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Orlando Honeymoon!!!

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  • [Question] Orlando Honeymoon!!!

    Hello im getting married on March 10th 2012 and our honeymoon starts with 2 days in Orlando! our travel agent booked us on the Disney's Pop Century Resort we are on a budget because after that we are traveling to Miami and taking a cruise.
    So... i need advice on the following:
    Average weather for march. What to expect?
    Hotel reviews.. I've been reading a few and all of them are great.
    And Since we have only 2 days there, on our first day we are visiting the Magic Kingdom, we need to choose between animal kingdom, hollywood studios or Epcot for our second day...which should we pick?
    have a great day everyone!!!!!

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    Re: Orlando Honeymoon!!!

    I would do EPCOT for your second day.

    That is all I can help you with sorry.
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      Re: Orlando Honeymoon!!!

      Well it depends on what you and your fiancee like to do. And congratulations, by the way~


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        Re: Orlando Honeymoon!!!

        Bananaz hit the nail on the head. We don't know you well (yet), so we really can't recommend a park for you. You might even benefit from going back to the MK! What kinds of things are you both into? In terms of romance? Dinner in the French or Italian pavilions does have a certain spark, but again, it depends on your definition of "romance!"

        ANd welcome to Florida!

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          Re: Orlando Honeymoon!!!

          Thank you, Roo~ ^//w//^

          And here is my advice. If you're into shopping and fine dining, I would go to EPCOT. If you're more into exciting thrill rides and such, then Hollywood Studios would be a good place for you. If you're a nature person and enjoy just sitting in quiet spots and watching wildlife, then Animal Kingdom would be good. (That's my favorite park!) Or, if you're feeling especially nostalgic, hit Magic Kingdom a second day.


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            Re: Orlando Honeymoon!!!

            its me again.
            We already payed for our trip.
            we are staying at the Pop century (have read very good reviews of it).
            So, what we like:
            I guess we are the kind of thrill rides (we both ride motorcycles) so Hollywood studios and MK are the best bets for that, but still wat to get the most of our time since we have only 2 days at the parks.
            We are buying the tickets upon our arrival and i think park hoppers are our best option unless anyone has a better suggestion.
            Im concerned because it seems that there is lots of refurbishment going around the parks,
            About food and entretainging we love having wine, or drinks with our friends more than having fancy dinners, I have a few memories from Epcot and i remember all the pavillions of the world so im sure we will find something nice there. because we enjoy eating out and try new things.
            So ill keep cheking my post to see if any has come up with new suggestions.
            Have a great weekend everyone and read you soon..


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              Re: Orlando Honeymoon!!!

              For weather.. March is warm, but not really pool weather. Mid 70s to near 80
              See - Average Weather for The Walt Disney World Resort, FL - Temperature and Precipitation

              It's perfect weather for visiting the parks - but often is a very busy period due to spring break. Crowds can swing huge over just a week or two period.

              For a two day trip, unless you are hardcore with very specific things you want to do.. you can skip the park hoppers. Spend a day in the MK, and spend a day in DHS or EPCOT. Plan a fancy meal at one of the resorts to celebrate, such as at Cali Grill, Victoria & Alberts, the Luau, etc.

              EPCOT will keep you busy all day... DHS will as well if you are willing to see some shows.

              Personally I like to park hop to get to see what I want (I visited 3 parks in half a day last trip) but for a vacation and if you are concerned over cost.. it's an easy option to drop.