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Bedbugs at Port Orleans/All Star Movie?...


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  • Bedbugs at Port Orleans/All Star Movie?...

    Ok, I'm not at all trying to start trouble. But my husband and I are going to be spending two nights at the All Star Movie Resort and 5 nights at Port Orleans Riverside in September. It's my 2nd trip (but it's been 11 years) and my husbands first trip. We're very excited, however I've read several reviews this week stating that (mostly Riverside) is infested with bedbugs in many rooms. I'm pretty concerned about this and I'm not sure if I should call the hotel and talk to them about it (not sure how honest they would be about it) or just assume it's people who are complaining because they had a bad time. No clue..

    Has anyone stayed there recently and how was your stay?... My biggest fear is brining them home with us. I know it will be hard to avoid them if they are in the room.

    Just curious if anyone else has heard anything..


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    Re: Bedbugs at Port Orleans/All Star Movie?...

    My only advice to you is to always inspect the room before getting settled in. The first thing you should do is strip off the bed and mattress sheets and inspect bedsheets, mattresses, and headboard to detail before sleeping in them. Don't forget to check the pillow cases and the pillows themselves. You can also try looking at the carpet surrounding the bed area for extra caution. What you wanna also look for is brown or reddish specking/spots because they are signs of bedbugs having been there.

    For the paranoid or extra cautious, I would recommend getting plastic coverings for your suitcases and keeping lose items in a tight plastic bag before you start inspecting the room. Keep them away from the beds as you do this until you're doubly sure the beds are clear of the bugs.

    If you do find any bedbugs call the front desk immediately. You'll have a better case for being moved to another room if you catch trouble before trouble finds you.

    One more thing to look for: tiny clearish white pieces that look like grains of rice. Congratulations, you just found yourselves bed bug eggs. :P


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      Re: Bedbugs at Port Orleans/All Star Movie?...

      Actually, bed bugs love living between the mattress and box spring. Simply lifting the mattress and checking the edge of the box spring will tell you if you have bed bugs or not. Heres a good tip: always keep your suitcases off the ground and bed. If your suitcase is on a suitcase holder or dresser, bed bugs can't get to it (well... make sure those don't have bed bugs on them before doing so)
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        Re: Bedbugs at Port Orleans/All Star Movie?...

        I agree with the other two posts but do know if reports have been made in the past it doesn't mean the hotel is dirty, bed bugs can travel in the airports and come on other peoples luggage. If some are found the front desk will move you right away and probably have a talk with their housekeeping about their room inspections. I hope you have a great vacation otherwise


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