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DLR Passholders finally taking our 1st WDW Trip!


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  • DLR Passholders finally taking our 1st WDW Trip!

    Hello all!
    I know I posted several months ago and got amazing information from you, and thank you very much!
    I started to look into our trip again and came up with some unanswered questions and was wondering if you had any random tips that will be good to know or answers.
    My parents have been to WDW, but not in 20 years, so it'a almost like we are all first timers! We are wanting to stay in All Star Movies to save money and because I'm a film major. Is this a fun resort, or do would you recommend another value? Also, we are planning on staying in the summer. I know it will be hot and crowded, but we plan on making reservations in the heat of the day or do indoor rides. Is late June, July, or early August best, or does it not matter?
    I LOVE traveling, travel planning,hotels, and all of that fun stuff. Is it worth it to leave time to check out the resorts a little every night?
    Also, I am currently looking at a 6-day hopper with water parks and then staying an extra couple of days. Do the water parks count towards the 6 days and is 6 days enough for the 4 parks for a first time?
    And one last question: If we fly in before check-in time can we check our luggage at our hotel so we can explore the resort?
    Again, sorry for all of the questions. I'm a bit of a travel planner and feel the need to know everything. I'm planning on getting a guide book soon, though
    Thank you all!
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    Re: DLR Passholders finally taking our 1st WDW Trip!

    It is very hot in the summer if heat is a problem for you you may find yourself going on certain rides for the AC. As far as the hotels i have only stayed at Coronado Springs (it was very nice). Yes they will take your luggage if the room is not ready and will deliver your bags to your hotel room for you when it is. 6 days for the 4 parks should be enough to do it all. plus 2 days a day in each Water Park (i was able to do everything in each water park in about half a day in each one.) Get there early as the line for stuff like Summit Plummet can be upwards of 90 minutes in the summer.

    How ever if you want to do it all at a more relaxed pace i recommend 10 days, 8 for the parks and 2 for the water parks. As it will be very crowded in the summer.

    Edit: As far as checking out other resorts goes, if you plan on coming back it would be good to see what the others are like so you can better decide where to stay next.
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