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Timing Question (Airport - DVC - Spirit of Aloha)


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  • Timing Question (Airport - DVC - Spirit of Aloha)

    Hello all.

    I am hoping an expert can give me a bit of advice. We are coming to WDW this Fall. I made reservations for the Spirit of Aloha dinner for the day of our arrival (Saturday, 8:00 Showing). I still have to make flight reservations and have found a good flight price, but the flight does not get in until just after 4:00 (if on time). We are staying at Saratoga Springs. Do you think there is enough time to get from the Airport (via magical express) to get checked in, then to the Polynesian in time to make the reservations?

    I understand that there are a lot of variables in this, just trying to figure out if its worth the shot or not.


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    Re: Timing Question (Airport - DVC - Spirit of Aloha)

    You said it - there are a lot of variables.

    Disney bus service is notoriously unpredictable. Sometimes the exact bus you need is available as soon as you walk out to the bus stop. Sometimes you have to wait 15 minutes. Sometimes you have to wait 45 minutes.

    This is complicated by the fact that you want to go from resort to resort. There is no direct inter-resort bus service. You need to transfer at one of the parks or Downtown Disney. The MK probably makes the most sense as it's closest to the Polynesian and you can use the monorail or resort launches.

    So, your critical path looks something like this:
    • arrive at MCO at 4pm (assuming no delays)
    • walk to Magical Express, wait for bus, board bus (approx. 15-30 mins.)
    • ride to Saratoga, making any other stops along the way (approx. 30-40 mins.)
    • Check in and drop off carry-ons (approx. 10-25 mins.)
    • Wait for bus to MK (0-45 mins.)
    • Ride bus to MK (20 mins.)
    • Walk to and wait for monorail (5-15 mins.)
    • Ride monorail to Polynesian (8 mins.)
    • Walk to Luau Cove (5 mins.)

    Those numbers may be a little generous, but even in the worst case scenario, you're still getting to Luau Cove about an hour ahead of time. Now, something could go horribly wrong - your flight could be delayed, the monorails could be down (sadly not out of the question) necessitating use of the resort launch which will now have a super-long wait, the monorail could break down while you're on it, etc.

    But, assuming you don't encounter any catastrophes, an 8pm luau with a 4pm flight arrival time is certainly doable.
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