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Taking my 2 & 1 year old to WDW


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  • [Question] Taking my 2 & 1 year old to WDW

    Hello everyone, we've just decided to take our two boys to WDW this December. They will be 16 months and almost 3 at the time, so does anyone have any advice for Disney with little one's or any general advice. My hubby & I have both been but this is our first family trip. We definitely want to do Mickey's A Very Merry Christmas Event. FYI my 2 yo LOVES mascots/characters (he stalked the Easter Bunny & sports mascots) as well as Mickey Mouse and Disney movies so I'm not worried about him being scared.

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    Re: Taking my 2 &amp; 1 year old to WDW

    December is a fantastic time to go, weather wise, especially with young children since it is not too hot.
    Currently my children are 5 and just about 3, but they have beeb to WDW many times, my 3 years old was actually 5 months the first time she went.

    Definetly do a Character meal.

    Also, if you have a decent lightweight stroller, I would bring that instead of renting from Disney. One that fully reclines. I used that with my kids and they were able to nap in the park (my daughter will sleep anywhere so it is never an issue for me)They are more comfortable in their own stroller.

    If you are going to DHS, Osborne lights is not to be missed, especially wih the little ones. My kids loved it, totally mesmerized.

    Also in DHS, there is a nice area outside of ToT that has some benches right behind some bushes. It acts sort of like a private quiet area. I like to sit with my childen here and let them run around a play, snack, whatever. it kind of allows them to be away from the stimulation of DHS without actually leaving the park. I also sit here sometimes if one of them is napping.
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      Re: Taking my 2 &amp; 1 year old to WDW

      Howdy Pards, you've already figured out...visitin' with little ones is gonna be a little different than it used to been...

      Christmastime can be a delightful time to visit...don't be surprised if it gets cold prepared.

      I think the key is gonna be your attitude. For them it's going to be a time of wonderful discovery, and enchantment.

      You may be in a hurry to get down to the castle...but...when you first walk in the gate your little ones are gonna be enchanted by all those toy soldiers...the delightful music...the decorations. Take the time to let them savor that magic...look at the wonder in their eyes and it will bring you a joy beyond anything words could possibly express.

      They are gonna delight in the simple things...the magical things they see. ride that big choo choo train for the very first time... to experience new delights around every gosh...look at that huge castle down there! Look Mommy! Look!

      It's all wonderfully fresh and new to them...and that wonder is real... Don't forget the time you got your very first balloon...or magical toy.

      Don't rush. Don't try to do too much. Don't trap them in their stroller all day long...let them get out and explore a little.

      And, whatever you do cherish every magical moment...take lots of pictures...they will give you joy both now and for years and years to come.

      Before you come...sell the sizzle a 'em a story...tell 'em about this magical place you are going...about the magical things they will see. Watch a Disney movie or two or three or fourteen...

      And, my gosh, don't miss that wonderful Christmas Parade during Mickey's Christmas Party...or those incredible lights over at the studios... Take time to look at all those huge, enchanting Christmas Trees all over the place...and find a good spot so they can see those fireworks over that sparkling castle.

      Savor all the magic. Keep a smile in your heart. And make it the most wonderful, memorable, delightful, magical experience that you possibly can. Then, when you get home...remember the magic, together. And start planning your next trip, start dreaming of your next journey to that Magic Kingdom...

      Adios for now. Talk to ya on down the trail.

      Wild Ol' Dan
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        Re: Taking my 2 &amp; 1 year old to WDW

        The Crystal Palace, 1900 Park Fare, and Chef Mickey's are all great character meals for kids. has menus for all the restaurants on property, so you can get a good idea of where you want to go.

        A lot of parents take a break at midday for naps/swimming/decompression, and their kids do seem a lot happier for it in the afternoons.

        Kenny the Pirate has a lot of tips for when and where to meet characters:
        Kennythepirate Blog

        You can get a Fastpass to meet Mickey and/or the princesses at the Town Square Theater in Main St., USA.

        The four main parks have baby care centers:
        Disney Baby Centers at Walt Disney World Theme Parks, Locations for Baby Care Centers

        This page talks about Rider Swap (if you and hubby want to ride something the kids don;t or can't, you can switch off so you don't have to wait for both of you to go through the line separately) and other bebbeh stuff:

        Traveling with Little Ones | In-Depth Planning Topics | Walt Disney World Resort


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          Re: Taking my 2 &amp; 1 year old to WDW

          I would suggest getting to EPCOT at Rope Drop (opening) and heading straight to the Character spot. There your kids can meet Mickey and Co. with a minimal wait before the throngs of visitors start pouring in.


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