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Contemporary Resort or wilderness lodge?


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  • Contemporary Resort or wilderness lodge?

    I am guessing that the biggest factor in between these two hotels is simply aesthetics and what style you prefer.... But please let me know if you have any advice for choosing between Contemporary Resort or Wilderness Lodge! (Note: I will be staying in the DVC accomodations)

    Is either one of these more convenient for getting to the park(s)? This is my first time to WDW, though I have been to DL too many times to count.

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    Re: Contemporary Resort or wilderness lodge?

    That is a toughie, but I would say wilderness Lodge, even though I own at BLT Both are convenient to the MK (monorail or walk from BLT, boat from WL). BLT is more convenient to EPCOT (on the monorail line).

    I have only sta4rd in the wilderness Lodge hotel, not in the villas (YET!), but I love how quiet and peaceful it is. It is really like being on VACATION. I love that style though. And the restaurants are great.

    Really you can't go wrong with either IMO!
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      Re: Contemporary Resort or wilderness lodge?

      Super interesting question. If you were going back in the 80s, I'd stay the Contemporary because it was pretty contemporary back then. Today, it's starting to date itself. With that in mind, the Wilderness Lodge has a timeless quality about it.

      The real tough question is: Polynesian versus Wilderness Lodge.


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        Re: Contemporary Resort or wilderness lodge?

        The Contemporary is absolutely the most convenient hotel in terms of accessing the MK, no question. It's the only hotel from which you can walk to the MK, and it's the first hotel the monorail stops at when departing from the MK. Wilderness Lodge is less convenient as MK is only accessible by boat (although, that is kind of a fun way to arrive at the MK - just not the quickest if you're in a hurry). As the Contemporary is one of the three coveted monorail resorts, it's also possible to access Epcot from your hotel using only monorail (you'll have to transfer at the TTC) as opposed to Wilderness Lodge where you'd have to use a bus to access Epcot. Many (myself included) do not particularly enjoy using WDW buses... (Both resorts only offer bus access for DHS and DAK.)

        thedude76 is right to point out that Wilderness Lodge has a timeless quality about it. Many (myself included) consider it to be the overall most beautiful resort on property. Think "Grand Californian" but grander, and at the same time more intimate and charming. It's absolutely beautiful - and the resort itself is only part of the beauty as it's surrounded by some gorgeous landscaping and a forest that seems to go on for miles.

        So really, IMHO, it's a question of beauty and charm vs. convenience. Both are great resorts - in fact as someone who's stayed at nearly every resort on property, they're both in my top 5, probably top 3 even. I'm sure you'll have an excellent time at either one!
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