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old key west or Saratoga?


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  • [Question] old key west or Saratoga?

    Hey folks, so here is my problem. I am currently booked at the Polynesian, but was told it is the honeymoon suite. When I called back about two months later I was told it was the Theme Park view and not honeymoon suite. I am very upset and disappointed by this becuase I was looking forward to the Whirl-pool tub. After talking on the phone for hours I was still not able to get my issue resolved. So today I was looking at the hotels online and found the only hotels available still on property with whirl-pool tub are the Old Key West and Saratoga. So my question is which hotel is better overal? Please keep in mind I really want a whirl-pool tub.

    Thanks so much,
    Stressed out bride who just wants to go on her honeymoon

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    Re: old key west or Saratoga?

    personally i would take the theme park view polynesian but if your really that set on the tub pick the old key west. i really like that florida vibe it has to it, not as isolated in my opinion and there are better dining options. just my two cents, hope this helps a bit.


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