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Question about toll roads between MCO and WDW


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  • Question about toll roads between MCO and WDW

    I tried searching using several different keywords and didn't find anything, but I apologize if this question has been answered (recently) somewhere else.

    Anyway, we are arriving at MCO Saturday afternoon and already have a rental car reserved. In the past, I have always just brought a roll of quarters and a handful of $1 bills to cover the toll roads. However, I keep seeing references to electronic only toll roads and horror stories from people getting huge bills from rental car companies after the fact for toll violations. I opted out of the rental car company's generous offer to give me a toll pass for $10-15 per day (mostly because once we arrive, we don't leave the property until we go back to the airport and it seemed silly to spend $75-100 when we only really need toll coverage 1 time.

    Can someone confirm for me (from a very recent trip) whether I can still use cash to cover the toll roads between MCO and WDW?

    I appreciate any help anyone can provide.

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    Re: Question about toll roads between MCO and WDW

    I went in June, so I'm not sure if this is recent enough for you. But the electronic toll roads were optional. There are still traditional toll...people? taking exchange change only. Just make sure you get into the proper lanes! Also, I believe there were two tolls we had to pass to get to our hotel. The second one was literally just before our exit.


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      Re: Question about toll roads between MCO and WDW

      Hi Grayman,
      Take a look at this link to the Florida tollway authority. It answered my questions and most everything still remains the same as previous visits.



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        Re: Question about toll roads between MCO and WDW

        Thank you both. I have a sneaking suspicion that most of the general confusion comes from the warning on the bottom of the linked page that discusses e-tolls only in Miami-Dade County. To someone like me, the initial list of interchanges is gibberish and it makes me nervous. Glad to know I should be ok.


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