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Max Fun/Min Hassle -- WDW w/out a car?


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  • [Question] Max Fun/Min Hassle -- WDW w/out a car?

    As a west coaster, I've been to Disneyland several times. But I've only been to WDW once, many, many years ago. Someone else did the planning, rented a car, figured out where we'd stay, etc. We stayed off-site, had 4 days (not enough!), I think, skipped AK all together (it was pre-Everest), hit a waterpark, and split the rest of the time between the other parks.

    I've been dying to make another trip, and I'm just in the beginning stages of planning...How long to to stay, where to stay, where to eat, and what's top-of-the-list.

    Last time we had a rental car, and it seemed like a fair distance between parks -- though we had the advantage of not having to deal with waiting for shuttles or anything when we wanted to get out.

    I don't drive, so I'll have to depend on alternate modes of transportation. I'm curious to know: A) If not having a vehicle is going to be a real hassle, and B) If people have advice about favorite properties that also make transportation from park-to-park easiest/convenient/most entertaining, and/or have developed transportation strategies that a first-timer wouldn't think of.

    Appreciate any advice!

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    Re: Max Fun/Min Hassle -- WDW w/out a car?

    The buses are adequate to get from resort to theme parks. Driving will always be more convenient of course.

    Sometimes your bus will stop at a theme park and a water park. If I'm trying to get back to my hotel from Animal Kingdom, I don't particularly want to stop at Blizzard Beach, but it's not the end of the world when it happens.

    Some resorts share buses. Getting on a Magic Kingdom bus at Port Orleans French Quarter? You'll be stopping at four additional stops at Riverside before heading out. I took a bus to one of the Epcot resorts and it stopped at every resort in the area. If there are people with scooters getting on and off, it takes even longer.

    The above examples tend not to occur during peak times.

    There are buses and monorails between the different parks.

    The biggest hassle is getting from one hotel to another. You have to go to Downtown Disney or a theme park and transfer. Not convenient if you want to head to another resort for a meal, for example.
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      Re: Max Fun/Min Hassle -- WDW w/out a car?

      You just need to do your homework. I suggest buying a good WDW guidebook. Once you know the way things are set up, you can easily figure out the "do's and don'ts for a successful vacation.

      The Unofficial Guide to Disney World is a good book and so is the Birnbaum book.


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