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How consistent are WDW early entry days from year2year?


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  • [Question] How consistent are WDW early entry days from year2year?

    Extraneous background information paragraph: I'm not getting the Parkhopper option,
    and I want to visit the parks on days that hotel guests don't get extra hours
    because I've read that those parks are less crowded in the afternoons.

    I also want to
    --well I guess I have to :rules::blink:--make restaurant reservations 180 days in advance. To do that I should know which park I'll visit each day six months from now. (Confession: I actually live for planning vacations. I love planning Disney trips!:ap

    So (
    although I realize that Disney reserves the right to change days at the last minute) I'd like to know which days each parks will have early entry and late park privileges so I can avoid them on these days. However, that's not my question because I see the current lists, so you don't have provide me with that info.

    Over the last five or so years has WDW been fairly consistent on which days hotel guests are considered friends with privileges? For example, usually it seems like WDW hotel guests get Magic Kingdom extra hour options (whether early or late hours--I don't care) on Sundays, Thursdays or Fridays.

    Thanks in advance!
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