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Spring Break Tickets - H E L P ! ! !


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  • Spring Break Tickets - H E L P ! ! !

    Fourth-time WDW visitors looking for some money-saving advice! My kids are all adults for ticket and meals, so now I really need to think... damn!

    LODGING - We purchase points from a friend and will be at the resort from March 31st - April 4th. So, lodging is at Old Key West and we're on Disney's radar there.

    FOOD - We've done this on the meal plan in the past, but now we have two more adults as the kids turned 11 this year. On the meal plan for this year, we are seeing about $57 / person per day X five days = $1425. We are thinking of coming off the plan, which we've always felt was a good deal. The concept...
    • Kids' Tray Lunch ~ $14 x 3 ppl x 5 days = $210
    • Mom & Dad Tray Lunch ~ $20 x 2 x 5 = $200
    • Snacks ~ $8 x 5 x 5 = $200
    • Dinner Sit-Down + Dessert ~ $40 x 5 x 5 = $1000

    Total for on-our-own meals before adult beverages... $1610 Am I completely diluted in thinking this is realistic?! We have reservations at Be Our Guest and Kona at the Polynesian and Liberty Tree, but nothing like Le Cellier.

    TICKETS - We've never done ParkHoppers and will likely stick to that plan. We like to maximize extra park hours and have planned our meal time accordingly - e.g., DHS or Animal Kingdom for the nights we're eating outside of a park. My wife found park tickets for $1613.18 through her employer benefits but we've always just shown up at the gate to buy them in years past and felt like we invariably got better pricing face-to-face with a park ticket cast member.

    Thanks for any advice!
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    Re: Spring Break Tickets - H E L P ! ! !

    To start you ticket price looks, high, try looking them up at Try undercover tourist for tickets. Internet sellers don't have to collect tax so they buy and resell the tickets at about %5 off the Disney(tax included) prices.

    For food, How about a Quick Service plan for about $38 per adult per day, and then the TS meal on top of that.

    I'd suggest considering a Table in Wonderland Card if you are buying adult drinks. To get one you need to be a AP holder or DVC owner. You will need to do the math if the person who pays for the meals, gets an AP plus the TIW card for $100 instead of tickets this would be about $675 instead of $275. Will you save the $400 difference, maybe.

    A TIW gets you 20% off including off alcohol at many but not all locations. It can add up to big saving on the table and counter service meals. Do note that when using the TIW card at TS meals automatic gratuities of 18% are added. Tables In Wonderland

    If you do get an AP, the 10% shopping discount may help too.
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