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Limited Stay in WDW - how is our plan???


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  • Limited Stay in WDW - how is our plan???

    Next week my Girlfriend and I are going to take a road trip from Austin, Texas to check out Disney World for our first time.

    I feel like I was practically raised at Disneyland. Many of my strongest memories from my youth were formed within its berms. It's been about 6 years since I've been to DL, and the nostalgia bug is biting. The drive is about 8 hours shorter than to Anaheim each way, and far more interesting. I-10 can be brutal between AZ, NM, and Texas.

    It's about a 16 hour drive for us, and New Orleans (the real one) is almost exactly half way between Austin and WDW. So we will be taking advantage of that. However, because of limited time available from work, and a lack of thousands of dollars for a full-blown resort experience, the scope of this trip is going to be more limited. Two full days in the park - yeah, that limited. We will be spending more time on the road than in the parks, but it's all part of the journey.

    I believe we have a good plan, but I would like your feedback, taking account what we are looking to accomplish.

    1. MK is by far the primary objective. I am well aware of its differences from DL - I've poured over every map and satellite image available. I've probably ruined any sense of surprise or wonder, but whatever.

    2. Epcot is the secondary destination. We'd like to check out most of the attractions and cruise by the various countries represented, but we're not too interested in dining there or seeing any shows (perhaps the Circlevision attractions - I miss that at DL).

    3. We don't really care about any other parks at the moment (we really want to check out Expedition Everest, but I can't justify the transit time).

    4. We are planning to buy a single park pass for Wednesday the 24th and spend all day at MK. And then we would buy Park Hopper passes for the next day. We would knock out what we can in about 8 hours at Epcot, and then monorail it on over to wrap up back at MK. MK closes at 9 on day 1, but 11 the next day. DL late at night is stuck in my brain pretty well - I want to re-live that.

    We have already booked a Condo near DTD, super cheap. Since we are driving, we are planning on driving to the ticketing and transit center early on both days. Then take a boat, monorail or even a taxi to MK. The Disney hotel experience, while it sounds very convenient and immersive, doesn't seem worth it considering the limited scope of our visit.

    Generally speaking, how much time should we expect the hop from Epcot to MK via monorail take?

    Also, we will be arriving in the Orlando area around 6 or 7 the night before. Will we be able to buy hard tickets for the next two days that evening? I'd like to just walk up to the gates on the mornings of our park visits.

    Please let me know what you think about our plans!


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    Re: Limited Stay in WDW - how is our plan???

    Why don't you go Epcot then MK and not worry about the hopping? A hopper is a very expensive, $57, option to add to any length ticket. If you need to save money just do one park perday.

    In MK there is not very much when compared to DL which is packed full of attractions. Epcot on the other hand is huge and take a long time to look around. One can be done in a day the other not.

    If you want to avoid crowds, avoid the parks hosting EMH.

    Take a taxi to MK? That's a bit insane if you are money concious. Just take the boat. Park at Epcot and avoid the hopping which would take about an hour.

    I'm not sure of the hours but you can get tickets at Guest Relations in DTD. Of course to save some money buy them from a place like Undercover Tourists which knocks a few bucks of the price.

    You may not realize this. Since you are driving to a park, if you end up hopping drive to the other park. Once you pay your good for the day in each of the pay parking lots. Driving between parks is sometimes the quickest way.
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      Re: Limited Stay in WDW - how is our plan???

      Hmm. It seems I may be underestimating Epcot. It really is large, seemingly due to the lake separating the two zones. It seems like the only real thrill ride is Test Track, and perhaps Maelstrom. Much of the rest seems like "edutainment" that wouldn't necessarily be that compelling. Soarin' was pretty cool at DCA back in '07.

      If we do stick to one park a day, that causes a new dilemma. On Wednesday the 24th, MK is only open from 9 am to 9 pm, but is open until 11 the next day. However, that is an EMH day. Are the crowds really that much more intense just because resort guests get an extra hour? From what I can tell, the EMH only applies in the morning; everybody gets kicked out at 11.

      If EMH really causes significantly larger crowds, I'm wondering if it will be worth losing 2 hours at MK. Epcot is 9-9 both days.

      Looking at pricing on Disney's site, hopping only adds $35 per ticket. The taxi would be a last resort if the free transit lines from the ticketing center to MK are too long. With only 2 days to spend in the resort, a $15-20 taxi ride to save a half hour to an hour is totally worth it. Am I over-worrying the wait to get from the parking lot at the ticketing/transportation to MK? Epcot ins't a concern as parking is right there at the park.

      If we end up hopping on Thursday, we would park at Epcot, do that first, then Monorail it on over to MK. I don't see an advantage in parking at Epcot and then driving to the MK lot, seeing as though we would need to take mass transit from MK parking to MK anyway.

      Man I wish I had 3 grand and a week to do this right...


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        Re: Limited Stay in WDW - how is our plan???

        Epcot has a bit more. I wouldn't call Mealstrom a thrills ride, it has exciting parts but it's nearly as intense as something like Space or Everest. It has Soarin, Test Track, also Mission Space. It does have a bunch of slow rides, but trust me some are great. It has a bunch of shows/movies but they are nice. The area is wonderful to walk around and Illuminations is a good show.

        More intense crowds? Well I wouldn't call them intense exactly, that's depends on the time of year. It's just a fact that the parks are busier when hosting EMH. Each day one park host a morning EMH and another an evening EMH.

        Though it's a bit tough to say which is better 2 more hours in MK for a crowd at opening(EMH guests will be on the big rides already) or a slower but shorter day. Are you possibly going in summer, if so I'd take the short day.

        If not, I'd go with two one park tickets, if you feel done at Epcot and have time to get to MK upgrade it to a hopper before leaving. You are right it's $35 on a one day ticket to upgrade to a hopper.

        Now it may look just a few miles between the parks but the slow down is parking itself. The lots are huge, the entry is huge. If you hop expect 30 minutes by cab, 40 by car and 50 by monorail. Also consider if exiting and entering against traffic if a show has ended that just getting out the gates or back in is a process.

        If you are going to hop back to the MK or might do so park at the TTC. If you hop to the MK, your only choice is to cab back to your car, Disney Tranport ends when Epcot closes(last guests out).
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          Re: Limited Stay in WDW - how is our plan???

          That's really, really helpful info swampymarsh.

          We're going next week, and according to a popular traffic-predicting website (I already forgot which one), the two days we're going are the most mild between mid March and early September. Weather forecast looks pretty good too. Low 80's and possibly no rain (I know, long term forecast)... I definitely see what you're saying about early crowds at the big rides. I'm sure they'll have plenty long queues by the time we even step foot in the park.

          Good to know about avoiding parking at Epcot if we do hop. So it sounds like the TTC/Epcot loop shuts down at 9 even though MK is open to 11. That would be unfortunate to be stuck at the TTC. With hopping such a big value prop, I would think they would keep all 3 loops running.

          Right now we're leaning toward day 1 at Epcot from 9-9 and day 2 at MK from 9-11, despite the EMH folks.

          One last thing, it sounds like we can upgrade to park hopper if we're still inside a park? If so, that would alleviate my concern about wanting to move on from Epcot if we're not feeling it.


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            Re: Limited Stay in WDW - how is our plan???

            EMH in WDW is like Early Entry in DCA not DL. At EMH they open all the popular rides early, not the slow rides. For the EMh crowd it spreads them out, but when regular guests get in every thing they want to go on has 20-30 minute rides.

            I'd check the weather just before zipping up the suitcases. Being Florida if the change of precipitation is 5% do plan to get poured on. It's not a sure thing but it happens. They will have ponchos for sale everywhere if it starts to rain, so you can buy one last minute.

            Disney has some multi layer transportation option so they can cut some and you are stuck with buses. Epcot closes at 9 but the Monorail will run back to the TTC for some amount of time, 30 minute, 45, 60, 75 maybe. But once the guests are out of the park it's done. With MK open until 11, you probably will hang around, and it's going to be 11:45 or 12:00 by the time you get to the TTC. The monorail may not even take you back to the TTC you may have to take the boat, which is in many ways better.

            I understand why you would think that. But it is the common misconception. MK is a near duplicate of DL, so you've really done everything there. However it's missing things like no Matterhorn, subs or Star Tours. Epcot is nearly an original, so you've really done nothing there. It does have Soarin, and a nearly totall different Finding Nemo, omnimover style not sub. If you enjoy aesthetics and atomosphere, World Showcase is beautiful. You will never see all of Epcot, it has too much, it's the 2 day park at WDW.

            If you hop you can upgrade at a ticket window or guest services. So at Epcot that is on the right just into(south) the park, as you are almost under Spaceship Earth(the golf ball) So it's on your right before you get up to it as leaving Epcot. The Ticket Windows are right outside the gate as they were at DLR before DCA was built.

            I think you need to upgrade while Epcot is open but not sure. There are ticket windows at the TTC to upgrade but not at the MK entrance, but Will Call may be able to do it, not sure. That may cause a problem if you take a cab.

            Here is a solid tip. So as I mentioned you can prepurchase WDW tickets at a discount. It's easy because in FL there is tax on tickets so out of state companies by them without tax and give you a few dollars off and make a few dollars. So you may each save $5. But here is the real WDW difference. I you buy a ticket at a discount for DLR and upgrade you loose the discount. At WDW you can upgrade right away and loose the discount, but if you enter a park first, you pay the difference to upgrade from the full gate price. That lets you retain your original discount.
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            Next year I'm trying for a summer internship at Stark Industries.


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