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WDW Newbie - this redneck needs some advice


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  • WDW Newbie - this redneck needs some advice

    So I am considering our first vacation to WDW in October. We are Canadians from a 1 horse town. Family of 4 - 2 kids, ages 8,6. I have been reading forums and WDW site until my head hurts. We have been to DL in California twice and have a good handle on it and absolutely loved it. WDW seems so much bigger and more intimidating.

    So afew questions:

    1. So far I am liking POR and PO FQ. Which of the 2 would be the better option and why?

    2. Can you get by without renting a car? Taking the Magic Express from airport and using the buses around the resort - is it a hassle and long waits or is it reasonable. The opinion seems to be mixed.

    3. Is it easy to get to Downtown Disney from POR and PO FQ?

    4. Is it a hassle to take buses to other resorts to eat at the different restaurants?

    Thanks for any will be appreciated.

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    Re: WDW Newbie - this redneck needs some advice

    1. have only stayed at FQ and love it. It is smaller and more compact than Riverside and is more picturesque.

    2. You can, though I prefer to rent one. You shouldn't have much of an issue with the busses if you stay in one of the PO resorts, though. (And yuo can take the boat to DTD too). Of course, they will be a lot busier and have longer waits after events like the fireworks. Magical Express is great, but you can wait a long time for it on the way there, and you have to leave really early - I think 3 hours before your flight for the return.

    3. Yes, there is a boat that goes to DTD from both resorts. It is great, and beats driving or the busses!

    4. No, not really. You can take a bus from your hotel to a park or from one park to another. It is the same as it is with the busses - wait for the bus to come, might have to wait for the next bus if it is full. Or you might get lucky.

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      Re: WDW Newbie - this redneck needs some advice

      Depends on your level of patience and experience with riding buses.

      But, have a good time and don't miss the Canada pavilion at EPCOT.


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