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How many rides per day?

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  • [Question] How many rides per day?

    I am planning a trip to WDW since I received a free dining pin and plan to stay 11/11-11/17. We are traveling with a group of 6 adults and 3 children ages 2,9, and 13. I haven't been to WDW in over 10 years, just DL, so it's like going for the first time. How many rides can we average a day during this time of year? From the calendars I have looked at, its looks like the crowds will be light or moderate.

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    Re: How many rides per day?

    lol honestly couldn't tell you seems like a bit of an odd question. obviously a 2 year old will probably slow you down a bit but my advice is dont be set on a certain number of attractions and attempt to be a commando pick a park to go to on a certain day (most likely based around your dining arraignments and extra magic hours), pick a couple must do rides, and see what happens. you wont enjoy your time there if your just running around on a set schedule or expectation of a certain amount of rides. just relax enjoy the experience and get to what you can.


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      Re: How many rides per day?

      The long time average is 9. Expect that. It's not my personal average, it's what the average guest does, and has been for decades.
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        Re: How many rides per day?

        We jsut went w/a 2 year old and we did about 8 or 9 a day in MK. We did all we wanted in EPCOT (except me, I was on sleeping toddler duty for one ride!). AK was a horrible bust (usually is anyway) and we rode all we wanted at the Studios (other than toy Story only because it was down most of the time we were there).

        We also had a sit down dinner every night so that cut into our ride time quite a bit!
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