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Which one-on-one plan should I take?

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  • [Travel Planning] Which one-on-one plan should I take?

    My mom and I are planning to have a little one-on-one time at Walt Disney World. My cousin owns a hotel near the resort, so we can get by on "nepotism". But we can't decide on what plan to go by.

    One plan is to do a long weekend in the fall. This plan will have 2-day park hopper tickets, with one day at the Magic Kingdom, one day split between Epcot and Disney's Hollywood Studios, and one day for R&R.

    Another plan is to do it sometime during winter vacation time, shortly after New Year's. This plan will have 3-day park hopper tickets, with one day at the Magic Kingdom, one day at Epcot, and one day split between the remaining two parks, with two additional days for R&R.

    Which plan should we choose?

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    September can be a good time to go, but it tends to still be pretty hot and rainy. Weekends will be busier then the weekdays and if you go later in September you will run into the Epcot Food and Wine festival which will further increase the Epcot crowds. Of course F&W might be a plus for you if you are interested.

    Once you get past New Years January should have pretty light crowds, and if you can go during the week that will also help with the crowds. Weather will be cooler, but can also get cold that time of year. This is also a time when they tend to shut down more rides for maintenance so you want to be aware of what is open. The other possible downside to January is that you might have to deal with Winter weather travel delays depending where you are traveling from.