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Old Key West Resort - Summer's Review (with pics!)


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  • Old Key West Resort - Summer's Review (with pics!)

    Old Key West Resort was one location my family had never stayed at and we decided to give it a go last weekend. We booked a Studio but asked at the last minute if a 1BR was available for an upgrade, it was and boy am I glad we did.

    Saying that OKW is tucked away is an understatement, the way the buildings were laid out, you wouldn't know you were staying next door to someone and that is no small feat when you think of how many guests they book on any given day.

    Entrance Sign

    Front Entrance


    Big comfy couches and a great kids play area, really made me want to hang out with a good book and some tea.

    For arriving at the time we did, I was very surprised that there was no line for the front desk.

    After checking in we headed over to our room, admittingly we had some trouble finding our door, as some of the signs were covered by plants. However, once we were in we were very happy with what we saw.

    The outside of our building.

    The entry foyer.

    The Living Room (Sorry for the dark photo, bad angle shot)

    Part of the bathroom, there was also another room with a vanity and stand up shower.

    What sold me on the room was this little beauty. You could have fit two of me comfortably in there and that's saying something!

    The Bedroom with a King Size bed.

    The fully equipped kitchen.

    Dining area.

    The porch.

    The private entryway into the bedroom.

    Our view (The golf course)

    It also came with a full size washer and dryer and dishwasher, which was nice and convenient.

    After getting settled, we decided to go check out more of the resort, so we drove back to the main building.

    The General Store

    They have a sit down restaurant called Olivia's that we never got to try, although I've read good reviews regarding it.

    They had member photos plastered all over the walls, gave it an interesting homey touch.

    The boardwalk area.

    They have a ferry to DTD from this location as well.

    The Gurgling Suitcase (The lounge)

    The "only" counter service food location, I guess they figure with the full kitchen's you'd be eating more in the rooms.


    Conch Flats Community Hall
    This was one thing I did like about this resort, they had so many activities to do for the family and for the kids. It reminded me of something out of Dirty Dancing, without all the dancing and gyrating.

    They had darts, pool, DVD players, DVD movie rentals (free for DVC members), ping pong table and an activities table.

    You can also rent bicycles, which given how spread out the resort is, if you didn't have a vehicle, I can see where this would be a big draw for you.

    Next we moved on to the pool. It was a nice sized pool with a sandcastle slide that my daughter enjoyed for all of 5 minutes. (They closed it as soon as we got there one evening.)

    The kiddie pool.

    They also have a volleyball court..

    Tennis Courts.

    And Shuffleboard.

    So a breakdown of the things I liked and disliked about this resort.

    1. The seclusion. (I think we saw our neighbors once all 4 days.)
    2. The size of the room.
    3. The full size kitchen.
    4. The jacuzzi tub.
    5. The daily fresh linen and housekeeping, fabulous.
    6. The large amount of things to do in the resort itself.
    7. Ample parking. (I'd read complaints about this but we always had a spot no matter what time of day we returned.)

    1. The seclusion. If you don't have a car, you're stuck using the internal bus, renting a bicycle or walking. Since there is a golf course right in the middle of the resort, you have a long walk around.
    2. Lack of food choices. The menu at the snack bar was very limited, so if you wanted a little variety, you had to take a bus to a park or another resort.
    3. Not enough sidewalks. The way our room was situated, we could park in front of our door but in order for us to get to our room, we would of had to walk all the way to the end of the building and then back, even though our room was 10 feet in front of us. We ended up walking through an already worn path in the planted areas. Clearly we weren't the first to do this.
    4. Transportation I listed this on its own because my mother took a bus from OKW to the MK, then hopped the monorail to the Grand Floridian to see my Aunt and Uncle. Total time traveled: 1 hour and 40 minutes.

    Circumstantial Cons (Anything that happened that probably wouldn't happen to others on their vacation but was worth mentioning.

    1. Maintenance Staff My mother had run in to the room to get something she had forgotten, while waiting outside in the parking space, Alvaro came over with his leaf blower, blowing the leaves into my car. Not a problem, he's doing his job, but then he walks down the side of my car, blows his leaf blower under my bumper, stands up and blows the thing for a few more minutes and then proceeds to blow down the other side of my car. I then rolled my window down and went, "If you give me a minute, I'll move for you so you can continue." He looks at me and then makes a gesture like "Tear" and laughs and walks off, continuing to blow all the dirt into my vehicle. Yes, I did report him, that's how I knew his name.
    2. Housekeeping The morning of checkout, the day we wanted to sleep in a little, we get a knock at our door at 8:00am asking if they can clean the room. I tell her we haven't gotten up yet and she says with an annoying tone to her voice, "Well when do you expect to be out of the room?" I said, "I don't know, check out time is 11:00am, we will probably need until 11:00, so come back then." and I shut the door in her face.

    So here is my rating for this resort, best out of 10, based on my experience.

    Room: 8
    Ambiance: 6
    Transportation: 3
    Housekeeping/Maintenance: 5
    Amenities: 8

    I think if you're staying a week or more AND have a vehicle at your disposal, this resort is great! The kitchen was a great perk, saved us money on food, the washer and dryer was nice although I didn't use it (who wants to do laundry on vacation?) and the jacuzzi tub was a nice welcome retreat after a LONG day at the parks. Overall, if I had to suggest something for a family of 4 with limited transportation, this resort wouldn't be the first one I mention.
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    Re: Old Key West Resort - Summer's Review (with pics!)

    Thanks for the great review Summer. I toured OKW a few years ago and really liked the design of it all.


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      Re: Old Key West Resort - Summer's Review (with pics!)

      I think it looks wonderful summer.. thanks for the review. now I need to go to florida

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        Re: Old Key West Resort - Summer's Review (with pics!)

        Old Key West is one of my favorite resorts. It was the original Disney Vacation Club, so the rooms are big, have kitchens or kitchenettes and the property doesn't feel as cramped as some of the newer resorts. It may be an older property, but it still functions quite nicely.
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          Re: Old Key West Resort - Summer's Review (with pics!)

          I liked the OKW when I stayed there back in '04. I would have liked a better CS option. The parking was spotty for us. One major problem I found was not all the buidlings had elevators, which could be a big prob for certain parties especially those on the 3rd floor. If this is an issue, check it out

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            Re: Old Key West Resort - Summer's Review (with pics!)

            Great review, Summer!!! I've never stayed at OKW, but it looks great and I've heard that it continues to be a member favorite. I know that it is the "original" DVC property and I think it says a lot that even though it's the oldest, it's still one of the most popular... usually it seems that everyone these days is always clamoring for the newest and shiniest to satisfy their voracious appetite for the "best." I guess this isn't always the case!


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              Re: Old Key West Resort - Summer's Review (with pics!)

              looks like a beautiful place. And that is something with housekeeping. At least three days of our vacation in Oct. We got the same thing. EVEN with a Do Not Disturb sign on the door!!!!!! The last time they did it, I screamed at the door..."go away!!!" she knocked again before she got the idea. Ridiculous!


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                Re: Old Key West Resort - Summer's Review (with pics!)

                I always wanted to stay there. Thanks for the great photos and wonderful review Summer.


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                  Re: Old Key West Resort - Summer's Review (with pics!)

                  Back in 1994, when my family and I had first discovered what is was like to have park hopper tickets ( back then they were called "food 'n fun" cards and doubled as your room key ) and to "stay on property", we stayed there for 10 days.

                  It was awesome! It is still my favorite place to stay. We had one of the most fun character breakfasts there at "Olivia's". It was only Pooh and friends, but I remember having the most fun Tigger one morning.
                  - Larisa

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                    Re: Old Key West Resort - Summer's Review (with pics!)

                    Duh, I didn't mention what type of place we got to stay in...

                    We had the 2 bedroom "apartment".
                    A king-size bed in the master bedroom with a jacuzzi and a private balcony.
                    2 queen beds in the other bedroom with a huge bathroom.
                    A queen size pull-out in the living room.
                    Big table with like...4 chairs I think.
                    3 TVs
                    A full size kitchen
                    A full size washer and dryer! Now, that was really handy!

                    Yeah that was livin'....ahhh...
                    - Larisa

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                      Re: Old Key West Resort - Summer's Review (with pics!)

                      Nice pictures, thanks for sharing. I have to say you had me laughing all the way through the part about the guy and the blower...That sounds like something that would only happen to me....
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