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Discount Tix: R.R.R.E.D. a Redhead Musical Manifesto in SoCal


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  • Discount Tix: R.R.R.E.D. a Redhead Musical Manifesto in SoCal

    Spread the RED! Sept. 6-28
    Buy your tickets now - use promo code "spread" to save $10!

    From the Producers of (2005 Ovation Award Best New Musical) and Film Chinois (2007 Ovation Award Best New Play) comes this redheaded musical manifesto that is feverishly working to Save Redheads from Extinction!!!

    The Oxford Hair Foundation issued an alarming finding in early 2005 -- due to the recessive nature of the MC1R gene causing red hair, the number of redheads in the world will drastically dwindle and, by the year 2100, redheads may become extinct!

    Thankfully, a few intrepid souls rose to the challenge and created the Real Redheaded Revolutionary Evolutionary DTHIS WEEK'S TESTIMONIALS:
    Thu 9/4 Ryan O'Connor
    24,000 people watched him tape The Ryan O'Connor Show through last month's earthquake, and now he's doing our little show. Ryan sang this past weekend to a crowd of screaming fans. [he also interviewed Katie & Patrick for his show!]

    Fri 9/5 & Sat 9/6 Richard Rocha
    Unless you're at the MCC church on Sundays, you're missing out on Richard Rocha's big, beautiful tenor voice. He takes us through to Opening Night singing your new favorite song.

    Sun 9/7 Laura Silverman
    You quoted her endlessly when she was torturing Lisa Kudrow on The Comeback, you're loving her on the Sarah Silverman Program, but did you see her on House? She's this incredible actor who happens to also be really funny and sings a song Sunday night that will break your heart. She's adorable.

    Buy your tickets now - use promo code "spread" to save $10!

    Book by Adam Jackman, Patrick Livingston & Katie Thompson
    Music & Lyrics by Katie Thompson
    Directed by Kevin Cochran

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