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FREE TIX TONIGHT - R.R.R.E.D. the redhead musical - Save the Redheads!!


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  • FREE TIX TONIGHT - R.R.R.E.D. the redhead musical - Save the Redheads!!

    For anyone in the LA area this weekend, I have a special offer of FREE tickets to see R.R.R.E.D. the redhead musical manifesto! Tonight's show (Fri., Sept 12th @ 8pm) is offering free seats! Come see what the critics are raving about!

    To get your free ticket, please email [email protected]

    This hilarious new comedy/musical is not recommended for children, but IS recommended for everyone who has ever been, known, loved, or even seen a redhead.

    The Oxford Hair Foundation issued an alarming finding in early 2005 -- due to the recessive nature of the MC1R gene causing red hair, the number of redheads in the world will drastically dwindle and, by the year 2100, redheads may become extinct!

    Thankfully, a few intrepid souls rose to the challenge and created the Real Redheaded Revolutionary Evolutionary Defiance (R.R.R.E.D.) which now spreads its gospel throughout the world urging redheads to have as much sex with other redheads as possible.

    LA Weekly Pick of the Week! |More praise for R.R.R.E.D.

    The remaining show dates are: 9/12, 9/13, 9/14, 9/18, 9/19, 9/20, 9/21, 9/25, 9/26, 9/27. Show starts at 8pm Thurs-Sat, 7pm on Sundays. Save $10 on your ticket by using the code "spread" for web orders.
    [email protected]

    GTC Theater - 1111-B Olive Avenue, Burbank, CA
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