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  • A New Internet Craze

    Hi everyone!
    My friend and I do a podcast and we would be much appreciated if people would listen to it. Therefore accomplishing the purpose of our podcast and at the same time fuel our demented egos at the same time!

    A few words of warning, there are swears and once in a while and we do get a little off color from time to time. Other than that its totally family friendly. So if you have an hour or so of internet surfing to do and want to here two awesome guys talk about more than two awesome things, check us out!

    The address is! Enjoy and remember it is all in good fun!

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    Re: A New Internet Craze

    Hi everyone, after 89 views I feel that at least two people found there way to my podcast. Now if you like it or dont like it you can now take it over to Sign up for free! Vent for free!!!!! Tell a funny story for free!!!!!! ITS ALL FREE. During these trying times we here at Lopez Studios would like to extend a hand and provide more value for your entertainment dollar. AND ITS FREE!!!!!!!


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