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April Fools' Day Request

We appreciate your help in keeping the day fun, but not mean-spirited or anything which might further upset folks at a time when their nerves are already on edge. Posting humor is appreciated, but mean-spirited tricks aren't. - Dusty Sage
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Tatermickey's Animated Watercolors


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  • Tatermickey's Animated Watercolors

    Hello Micechatters. This post isn't to sell or promote, just share some of my most recent art that I have animated and uploaded for enjoyment on youtube. I did this for my own enjoyment and to share with friends and family, but figured that other Disney fans may enjoy them as well.

    All of the artwork is hand drawn, inked and watercolored and the videos are created by using Photoshop and Premier.

    I hope you all enjoy them!

    Baby Mine: I created this for my mom as her Mother's Day present in 2010. Dumbo is one of my favorite characters and this scene has been special to me since childhood. This required me to use multiple film references to create this composition.

    More videos to follow!

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    Re: Tatermickey's Animated Watercolors

    "I'm Wishing"- Created from Snow White's iconic "I'm Wishing/One Love" Scene. I pulled the perspective back to reveal more of the background.

    "So this is Love"- Another fun arrangement that took a bit of doing to pull the elements that I liked for the piece, and one of my favorite creations.

    "The Tea Party" - This piece was the first Disney piece I created this year. This is a fairly straightforward creation but the amount of stippling on this 14x20" watercolor was numbing (quite literally my wrist went numb several times).

    My next video will be themed to Sleeping Beauty (my favorite princess!)


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      Re: Tatermickey's Animated Watercolors

      A video showing the stippling process, as it was used in part of the "So This is Love" video:


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        Re: Tatermickey's Animated Watercolors

        My latest project, inspired by the "Once upon a Dream" scene in Sleeping Beauty.


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