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People Vs George Lucas


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  • People Vs George Lucas

    Hey everyone, I want to tell you that the People vs. George Lucas will be showing at the Siskel Film Center on May 28th. As fellow Star Wars fans, we wanted to explore the way people felt about George Lucas tampering with what most fans would have considered a perfect masterpiece. Not to mention, we had to wonder what the hell Jar-Jar is all about. So if you liked Star Wars the way it was, or you actually feel that George Lucas did make his epic that much more epic, then come down and check out the movie.

    And either way, may the Force be with you.

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    Re: People Vs George Lucas

    Im a star wars fan, and I personally didnt mind Jar-Jar but whatever lol. What movie is this? BTW I cant wait to ride the new ST!/michael.ebba


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