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Disney activities for kids??? HELP!!!!


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  • Disney activities for kids??? HELP!!!!


    I have been frequenting MC for a while, but only joined recently. This is my first post ever. I am working at a summer camp and have been asked to teach a Disney club for children aged 5-7. The club is titled "It's A Small World". Being the fanatic I am, I wanted to plan activities that are less commercial-Disney and more authentic. For instance, rather than coloring pictures of characters, I want to set up a classroom full of hidden mickeys and have the kids point them out. Does anyone have any ideas of really interactive yet more original ideas for Disney-esque actvities? Thanks for the help!

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    Re: Disney activities for kids??? HELP!!!!

    Welcome to Micechat!

    The hidden mickey's is such a great idea. You might want to check out the Disney magazine or the website for it called Family fun (FamilyFun Crafts, Activities, Recipes & Other Ideas for Kids & Parents and More Family Fun).
    Perhaps get some Disney trivia books and play trivia games with the kids and maybe give small little Disney trinkets as can find a lot of Disney themed pencils and stickers and little stationary stuff at dollar stores usually.

    I think I remember seeing that our city library had a book that taught kids how to draw Disney cartoon characters.

    Depending on how many of the kids you'll be working with at a time perhaps you could have them write a little story (the five year olds will obviously need more one-on-one than the 7 year olds to do this) about going to a Disney park or what they would do if they got to spend the day with a Disney character or how they would change a Disney movie, for instance if they were a character in the movie what would they have done different such as if they were Aladdin how would they have introduced themselves to Princess Jasmine or what would their three wishes have been.

    You could sing variations on classic songs like Farmer in the Dell but instead of animals on a farm you could do things like rides or characters in a Disney park or movies.

    Get magazines and such (the Family Fun magazine is especially good for this and it gets sent to APers by default so you might be able to ask here on micechat for donations of this magazine!) and let the kids cut them up and paste pictures and words onto paper.

    Since the club is called "it's a small world" you can work with the kids to discover where all the different Disney movies are set in the world.

    You could read books with the kids about Walt Disney and talk about how the kids are the same and different as the man that created Mickey and Disneyland and what they can do to be more like the things they like about him (not giving up on their dreams, learning to draw, being a good leader, etc etc)

    Also can do a similar thing with the characters. Who is their favorite? Why? Are they like you? How? Do they want to be MORE like the character? How can they do that? What characters do they NOT like? Why?

    You can have the kids say what character their friends are like (though this may get some feelings hurt if they point out fellow children as villains)

    You can play that game where you put a name(or with this age a picture of a Disney character) on their forehead or back and they have to guess what it is from what the other children's clues are.
    Or charades of Disney characters, etc.

    That is all I can think of at the moment but I have two seven year olds(a boy and a girl) coming over tomorrow (well today) that I can ask what they would want from a club like that and might have some more suggestions later.
    -Jennelle AKA Blue AKA Dory

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