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HELP, finding Nemo bruce shark fin hat


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  • HELP, finding Nemo bruce shark fin hat

    My 7 yr old daughter lost her favorite Nemo (bruce) blue hat with a fin on the top and Bruce's picture on the front. She left in the restroom at California Adventures. She would wear it every time we went to Disneyland...and it was cute at how she would wear it while she would help me do yard work.

    I have been searching online to try and buy a replacement and have give my contact info to the lost and found at the park. I have had no luck in finding this item online. Disney says that they don't have this item as well.

    Does anyone have any information or familiar with this item or know of websites that I can possibly find this item? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: HELP, finding Nemo bruce shark fin hat

    I can't help, but wanted to say I hope you find a hat for her. My daughter once lost her Sully doll on vacation. I had to drive to the Disney Store for a replacement the day we got back so she could sleep that night-- so I understand your pain. Good luck!
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