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Are you in the holiday spirit of giving? - I need your help!

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  • Are you in the holiday spirit of giving? - I need your help!

    I have put together a group of 15 people to go to Disneyland Grad Night. However, because our school would not let our small group attend this grad night through them (our school is going to magic mountain. Bleh), we have to do everything on our own. Getting the finances for this trip is tough. We're trying very hard to fundraise right now. we have to raise enough to get a room, because for the safety of these graduating students, we cannot drive home at 4 in the morning. Most of these students have never been to disneyland, or they went when they were little so they don't remember it. I am trying very hard to make this trip special and very magical for everyone.

    To help out with fundraising, I am selling these cute little snowmen candy cane covers (candy canes included haha) they are $2 each and come in the 3 colors shown. The candy canes will be available In the original peppermint flavor and hopefully fruity (candy flavored). please help us out. I will take bills, and any change you have. I dont care if its 100 pennies! I will take any help we can get

    Spread the holiday giving, and tell your friends to buy these cute little snowmen!

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    Re: Are you in the holiday spirit of giving? - I need your help!

    You might want to contact DL prior to setting this up. In order to attend Grad Nite, your school must register for it first. A Grad Nite chairperson from your school must be the contact for the registration. During the registration process, the school selects two preferred dates, and DL will assign a date to you (which is usually one of those dates, but isn't always so). Also remember that all the tickets must be purchased at once, at least 45 days prior to the event.

    I encourage someone from your school to call (800) 232-7980 9am - 5pm PST, Mon-Fri for all the details. The good news is that the event isn't all that expensive. It's $61 per attendee. You'll also need a chaperone.


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      Re: Are you in the holiday spirit of giving? - I need your help!

      I already contacted Disneyland in August

      We found out that we don't need to go with a school, rather we can attend Grad Night as a private group. I spent like an hour calling back the lady, just to make sure everything was okay

      That's where the need to fundraise comes in.

      The people in charge of helping me with grad night were MORE than helpful, and if it wasnt for them helping me find a way to attend Grad Night at Disneyland, we wouldnt be going.

      And our grad night date is all locked in. Were all set to go on June 12th
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