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Armchair Imagineer - Old London Bridge Themed Hotel/Casino conceptual model


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  • Armchair Imagineer - Old London Bridge Themed Hotel/Casino conceptual model

    Hey Micechatters!!! Im super excited to share this miniature I just finished building for a local film project (which I cannot name yet...). This miniature is a "Conceptual model" for a fictional Las Vegas casino named "The Old London Bridge Hotel and Casino". I designed and built this model based on the directors idea for a 1700s boutique recreation of the historic london bridge. This hotel/casino would go right over the Las Vegas strip itself!! I think it would be a cool hotel in reality as well It is in HO scale (1:87 scale) and took me about 160 hours.

    The "Making of " will be in the next post on my blog: ...lots of pics to share on the fun and...very small...process.

    Please enjoy the pics and commentary:


    Here is the Full Front Elevation of the Model. Its about 6' long,17" high and 2' deep
    Here is an early version of the front elevation
    Plan View of the model. We decided not to use the surrounding areas for the model due to size
    Here is a painting of the bridge as it was.


    The buildings were carved from Styrofoam and details were painted on
    The Palm trees are HO (model train) scale accessories repainted.
    Traitors Gate Castle
    Traitors Gate Drawbridge
    Notice the large spears with the heads on it...
    All the windows were painted on in a "Hotel Window"configuration
    Center of the Model with the centerpiece "Nunsuch House", named so because there was none such else like it....
    Las Vegas Strip runs right through it...Some of these cars are sculpted from styrofoam, others are altered plastic cars
    Las Vegas Taxis!!
    Traffic on the Strip
    Wonder who is in the big tour bus!!
    Taxi needs a newspaper.....
    Nunsuch House has a rooftop Pool area
    Best sun in the strip and lots of privacy
    Love the look of the old chimneys
    Thomas a Becket Chapel is prominent on this side
    This is the opposite end with the escalator approach that mirrors the other side
    The house/castle combo on the left of the Chapel is based on many like it in the day.
    Here is the other bridge into the hotel/casino portion of the bridge
    This is a view into the outdoor marketplace
    Cool views from the outdoor portion
    All rockwork and details are carved into the foam. The figures are HO scale train people

    You can see the escalators from here



    I love interesting roof-lines and chimneys
    The modern escalators are lifting people into the world of 1700s england
    The focus of this area is the castle/house combo in the background
    Love the views from above
    The interior layouts are not historically correct, but it has the right feeling for Vegas and England
    Love this rooftop
    Small courtyard and fountain from above

    Signage was mostly symbols back then for may cultures who came to the bridge market
    Sunny Day in the courtyard..
    Market Booths
    A woman buys fruit
    Entry into the Hotel/Casino
    Here is a view of the inside of the model. The glass roofs allow lots of light.
    Out the other side through Traitors Gate we come into another courtyard/market
    View of the Drawbridge

    Here is the other set of escalator


    These buildings are removable so they could be filmed on their own





    This model was designed to be taken apart for shipping and also to film the model as a work in process (requirement of the script)
    BASE UNIT B. You can see where the traitors gate sits on the left
    BASE UNIT C. This is where the houes/castle unit sits on right
    BASE UNIT D. The Chapel sits on this unit behind the flagpole

    This is the Las Vegas Strip base. It acts like a lock, connecting the base units B & C together.


    FULL 360 VIEWS

    Check out the "Making of" the Old London Bridge Hotel and casino Miniature in my next blog.
    Thanks again, hope you are all making magic of your own Lance

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